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SkinMD Natural Review and FREE samples

Skin MD Natural is the #1
Shielding Lotion
How Does a Shielding Lotion Work to Prevent Dry Skin?
Shielding lotion is a new scientific approach to dry skin care based on improving the skin's natural functions. Shampoos, antibacterial soaps, cosmetics, fragrances, colorants and other irritants bombard and penetrate the skin. These harsh chemicals and irritants can break down the skin's natural protective ability. Some strip away moisture, while others lodge in the pores where they cause irritation and other negative reactions.

Skin MD Natural™ is a state-of-the-art shielding lotion designed to duplicate the skin's own protective barrier helping to protect skin against damaging irritants while providing hours of non-greasy moisture. This makes Skin MD Natural the ideal choice for dry skin treatment over other lotions for dry skin.

Conventional dry skin lotions don't protect against the causes of dry skin and have only one basic goal – to make up for the moisture that our bodies are losing by adding an artificial source of moisture. Replace your old dry skin lotion with Skin MD Natural lotion for naturally healthy skin.

How Does Skin MD Natural Provide Hours of Non-greasy Moisture?
Many bargain lotions and conventional moisturizers contain low cost ingredients like petroleum that make skin a greasy mess instead of healing dry skin. Skin MD Natural lotion uses only the finest high quality ingredients to create a lightweight formula that absorbs quickly for silky, smooth skin without any greasy residue.

A shielding lotion becomes part of the skin's protective barrier helping to strengthen and restore it. This ability allows Skin MD Natural to retain skin’s own natural oils alleviating the need for artificial moisturizers as a dry skin treatment.

"Most moisturizers do not seal in the body's own moisture, they artificially lubricate the outer layers of skin. When they wear off, the lubrication is gone and the original dryness remains. Sometimes this process will draw out the body's natural moisture and contribute to the dehydration process.

Skin MD Natural has an added benefit of forming a natural barrier, sealant on the skin, keeping its own natural moisture inside. This eliminates the need for having to put an artificial moisturizer on several times during the day, as Skin MD Natural lasts a good portion of 8 hours with one application.

This is important, because it decreases your need for applying excess moisturizer and allows the body to take care of its own moisture needs without the added bother of putting on another cream," writes Dr. Peter Helton, a board-certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic dermatology.

Why Skin MD is "Natural"
Currently the FDA has no regulations concerning the labeling of beauty or skin care products as natural. Products containing toxic, even potentially carcinogenic, ingredients can label and market themselves as natural. Skin MD Natural is over 93% "natural" and the ingredients that are not "natural" are of food or medical grade quality and on the FDA's most safe list.

Our lotions are made to be free of parabens, petrochemicals, dyes, and other irritating ingredients. They are also vegan, cruelty free, and eco-friendly. We don't participate in animal testing or use any animal products in our lotions and Skin MD Natural is formulated in the United States in a facility that uses 100% solar power.

Eco Friendly, Cruelty Free and Vegan Skin Care
Skin MD Natural and Skin MD Natural + SPF 15 are manufactured in the United States using 100% solar power, free of animal products and animal testing.

Review~ I received many samples to try SkinMD. I have been using SkinMD natural for over a week. It is amazing! Its not thick or greasy and very easy to apply. I used it on my heels because they are dry and crack easily, my heals where snagging my socks and I was unable to wear stockings to church because they would run. My heals are now soft and don't scratch my socks and I am able to wear stocking NOW!! I am really impressed with this product! You can receive a free sample if you click the button above and try it or yourself. You will agree with me after you use it just one time, that its a wonderful product. I also like that SkinMD is Eco friendly and cruelty free and it is a Vegan skin care product which means its free of animal testing! Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion is formulated to be far more effective than traditional moisturizing lotions or protective creams. It utilizes more than 90% natural ingredients and 100% food – grade ingredients that are on the FDA’s “most safe” list.The manufacturer's website  has hundreds of dermatologist and user reviews including many addressing severe dry skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

You can get a 3 month supply for just $18!

For more information on SkinMD natural please check out their links~


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