Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Bzzing about Health-full® breads~ #imabzzagent

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As a member of BzzAgent I get to try new products to give my REVIEW.
The newest BzzCampaign is for Health Full breads.
Health-full® breads

With whole grain, fiber, 5g of protein and 80 calories per full-size slice,
 eating right has never tasted better

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Grain-based with lots of variety and great taste, Oroweat is Bread Perfected™!
Slower, longer baking ensures that each package of sliced bread, buns, rolls, and English muffins reaches its peak texture and flavor. This, along with the best ingredients and the highest standards in quality, produces our superior taste. With a wide selection of bread that includes fiber, whole grains, rye and light breads, Oroweat is recognized as the brand for healthy, active lifestyles.

Oroweat Sandwich Thins™ make a great Panini!
Our beginnings took shape in 1932 in North Hollywood. The brand was created with the vision of providing customers with premium bread – still the cornerstone of all our products. The bakery's trademark of using whole grains came about during the Great Depression when ingredients were scarce and expensive.

Today Oroweat is the leading brand of bread, buns, rolls and English Muffins where it is sold, generally in the Western United States.

Health-full breads come locally as Arnold and Oroweat.
I found Oroweat at my local Wal-Mart Super Center in Texas.

I quickly made a ham and cheese sandwich to try the bread. It tasted great to only be 80 calories a slice!
I thought it would taste "heatlhy" but I was so wrong. It tasted great. I picked the Honey Whole Wheat flavor package of bread. The honey and the ham made for an awesome sandwich, with the slight honey taste from the bread! The bread was very fresh and had a great scent! The grains were just right and gave the sandwich a little crunch with the meat and cheese and fixings:)
My ham sandwich with the Oroweat bread satisfied me and was very hearty.
I give it a 5 out of 5 rating.
It tasted great and was fresh!

The only negative about this bread is that is $3.89 a loaf.  There are store brands that are cheaper.
You like to pay for great tasting bread and low in calories then Health-full breads is definitely the brand to choose!

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Disclosure~ I received a coupon for a free loaf of bread and several coupons to share with family and friends from BzzAgent and Health-full breads in exchange for my review.

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