Saturday, December 01, 2012

GoodSearch for WFNHN

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I hope all is well with ya!

I know we just finished Thanks and Giving but thats when things Really get kicking in my home for a Christmas charity for local youths.  My children and I with the help of  "our many neighbors" have "sponsored"  children since 2007.  However this year is rough.... we had more apps for assistance than we have Keepers wanting to help. I am sure that it is that way every where!!

Thats why GoodSearch is a GREAT way to donate and not feel the financial pressure. Goodsearch is FREE for you to use! Each time you use it you donate a penny to your favorite charity!!

Anyway, WE need help this year and spreading the word about WFNHN and GoodSearch! we are looking toward my internet buddies to spread the word. Not just about my charity but other GoodSearch charities!

Please TWEET!

With Goodshop a % of your purchase gets donated to WFNHN to help future Angels.  GoodShop has merchants like Amazon, target and more are added daily! I love this because I do ALOT of my shopping on Amazon. Do donate to WFNHN just click thru Goodshop to make your purchase:)

6% of your check is donated to your cause

never miss a donation by having a bar to search from:)

Please click below to search or goodshop for Wichita Falls Neighbors Helping Neighbors! 

  GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

Thank you because every penny adds up.
Also check out the GoodApp and the GoodDining areas of GoodSearch to earn even more donations for your charity!


Our Mission Statement: To allow no child to go with out the Joy and Spirit of Christmas:) With the help of our neighbors:)
WFNHN has been assisting Angels since 2007. To be able to continue to brighten our Angels' Christmas We NEED your help!! We are looking for Keepers at this time to sponsor Angels for Christmas!
If you would like to donate to WFNHN via paypal please click below. This year our GOAL of WFNHN is to purchase each Angel with a New pair of shoes and socks!:)

You can choose to donate $1, $2 or $5 to assist WFHNH this Holiday Season!

WFNHN ~ 2013

Please tweet and help spread the word about the 2012 Wichita Falls Neighbors Helping Neighbors Socks and shoe FUND!

If you would like to mail some socks OR EVEN a package to an Angel this holiday season please email me!  at


Mallery said...

My favorite part of the Christmas season is how giving everyone is! Thanks for giving me the heads up about GoodSearch!

Unknown said...

So basically you search and shop; and a portion of what you spend actually goes to helping children have a happy Christmas? Sounds great to me!

Unknown said...

It's always great to help people in need over the holidays, and this sounds like a simple way that anyone can do! Thanks!

Adelina Priddis said...

I read about goodsearch in a magazine, and then promptly forgot what it was when I got on my computer next! Thanks for reminding me about them :)

Hanna said...

Hi there, I'm Hanna. I found you through the Sunday Blog Hop!! I am your newest follower. I love making new friends. Your blog is lovely!!! Happy Holidays:) You can find me at

xoxoxoo Hanna
I'll tweet for you