Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Put the Word Affordable in Holiday Gift Giving

Put the Word Affordable in Holiday Gift Giving

If you look forward to spending the holidays with friends and family but secretly
dread coming up with the funds to buy gifts this season, you can stop sweating
and start saving. Thankfully there are ways to gift loved ones with presents they
will adore without spending a ton of money. You may feel obligated or pressured
to give them a better gift, but the only pressure you’re receiving is most likely the
pressure you’re giving yourself. They certainly will understand if you’re trying to
save up for something that’s important (such as paying off debt, moving, or a
home) and should appreciate what you can afford to give. Be creative and focus
on spending time with loved ones, not spending money on them.

Thrift Shopping for Home D├ęcor and More –
Maybe you have a family member who is need of new furniture in their home but
don’t have time to figure out what they’d like. Instead of buying them a Christmas
gift, offer to be their personal shopper. This will especially be ideal if you enjoy
decorating and have some experience in the interior design realm. They might
be trying to save money themselves and if this is the case ask if you can go
shopping at interior design thrift stores too – you never know what beautiful
treasures, such as a trendy and cheap sofa you may come across for them!

Gift of Time, Not Money –
If you usually do a gift exchange every year with a group of friends, be candid
and explain to them that you’d love to get together, but you can’t afford to give
gifts this year. They’ll definitely understand and perhaps will mention the same
thing to the rest of the group, which will give everyone a break from finding gifts
for one another. In a way you’ll be helping your other friends save money as well!
Plus you’ll be able to enjoy one another’s company without rushing around last
minute trying to figure out what gifts to purchase. It’s now time to relax and enjoy
one another’s company without exchanging gifts, which is just is nice.

Handmade is Closer to the Heart –
Often times it is a lot nicer receiving a handmade gift as opposed to another
top or piece of jewelry that will be left unworn. Think outside the box and create
a memory box out of a shoe box filled with favorite photos, a crocheted scarf,
or a personalized gift basket that are all affordable and personalized gifts. A
handmade gift will definitely be more memorable and not to mention more
affordable to make!

Sierra is a freelance writer who runs her own business called Paige One. She
enjoys making handmade gifts for loved ones and is trying to save her money
this holiday.

disclosure~ this is a sponsored post


Abel Wesley said...

This is so true, spending during the holidays can be so heartbreaking. But handmade gifts and thrift stores make it so much easier.

Pary Moppins said...

We appreciate handmade consumable gifts (read: cookies) at Christmas both to give and to receive. :) Found you through Bloggy Moms.