Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I guess this is another "Ya get what ya pay for"

Hi gang!
As you may know, I have 3 growing teenagers.
They go thru clothes and shoes so fast it drives me nuts!

This time it was my oldest, Anthony who needed a new pair of shoes.
His shoe size has grown 1 full size since Christmas when he got a new pair!

Well, I thought I would get a cheapo pair of shoes just to make it till next pay day.

I found these great looking pair of shoes at the thrift store for only $1!

Anthony even liked them:)

I thought it was a great deal and these shoes would be great, just for a couple of weeks.

Well I was sooo wrong!

look what Anthony was carrying when he walked in the door today from school!!

These shoes did not even make it an entire week!(4 days)

guess I wont be picking up any $1 shoes anymore!

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