Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Consignd ~ Rethink the store

Consignd | Rethinking the Store from Consignd Team on Vimeo.

Consignd Connects Makers and Tastemakers and cuts out everything in between!!

Consignd | How To Make a Store from Consignd Team on Vimeo.

Neil quickly explains 3 things:
1) How to customize your store.
2) How to get your store an audience.
3) How to get paid.
Does this sound interesting??
 I have set up a store HERE!! Check my store out and see the items I have chosen to sell in my shop!  I have items from socks to soap in my Consigned store! Prices start as low as $4.50 for my items!
Even BETTER~ go HERE to set up your own store and start earning $$ today!!  You can earn commissions of Up to 30% on every item that sells in your shop! There are thousands of items to choose from that you can include in your store! You are in charge of your store!

disclosure~ this is a sponsored post on behalf of Consignd

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