Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Hotel Bed Bugs~how to check for them

Summer time is coming! That means vacation time for most of us. When you go on your vacation chances are you will stay in a hotel or motel. Do you think about checking your room for BED BUGS?? I know this sounds really GROSS but they are out there!! Moxie Pest Control wants you to know how to look for these tiny bugs.
Most of us don't ever think to check the bed and room before we lay our heads down, but we should check!! Bed Bugs can be found just about everywhere from the dumpy motels to the finest hotels. They are everywhere because there are so many people staying in these rooms. Think about it, do you know the last person that stayed in your room? Did they bring the bed bugs in or where they already there??  Below is an informative graphic that shows how to check and see if your room is clean of Bed bugs and what to do if you find them.  I would have never thought to check the night stand, bible and magazines in the room. I would not want them eating on me while I was on my vacation!

Hotel Bed Bug Infographic
Graphic by Moxie Pest Control

I hope you don't come across any Bed Bugs in your hotel!
Have a great vacation!

disclosure~ this is a sponsored post from Moxie Pest Control.

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