Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Direct Energy~ Power to go~ save $$ on electric

Direct energy provides Electric service to residents
in more than 10 states.

At this time they have this great NEW
program for their TEXAS residents!

Its called 
They are offering a $20 credit to Direct Energy residents of Texas to join the Power To Go program.

The Power To Go Program is a Pay as You Go electric service program.
You will receive no more paper bills every month.
You will get a text or email when your account is below a certain
amount, so that you can add funds to your electric account.
You can add funds to your account any time you want.
Pay your bill as you choose~ no due dates!

This program is AWESOME for those who cant pay the
full balance of a HUGE bill all at one time and by the due date every month!

Pay a little as you can or alot when you can. Its up to you with the Power To Go Plan!
Just keep a balance in your account and you will always have electric service!

How EASY is that!

Here is how to take advantage if this program and get
$20 credit added to your Power To Go account!

(i) Via online at , clicking on the enrollment button, and providing this number 481675  in the Referral Number field; or
(ii) By calling Direct Energy at 1-888-684-3750, selecting the menu items to enroll, and providing the sales agent with the Participant’s Referral Number which is 481675.

You will receive a $20 credit to your P2G account after you have been a member for 30 days!!

I joined this program over a year already and I think its so awesome!
I don't have to worry about a due dates, bills, or even disconnect notices every month! 
With Power to Go, I sign into my account (when I get an email or a Text alert) and add to my balance!
I can also online and see how much electric I have used. and how many days of electric I have remaining. 
If I see the daily balance is down to 7 days or less I add $5 or $10 to my account. 
When I signed up for the Power to Go program my Kwph fee went down over 2 cents an hour.  I have nothing but good things to say about this program. 
I pay when I want and the amount I want! 
There is now, no reason you should ever have your electric service disconnected for non payment or underpayment!!. 
With the Power To Go plan you know exactly how many days your balance will give you of electricity:)
I give this electric service plan a 5 out of 5.

Direct Energy's customer service is awesome. 
They answered all my questions very clear and in a way I could understood.when I first signed up :)
You can add a balance to your account online, over the phone or at a pay station. If you pay over the phone or at a pay station there is a $1 fee to add money to your account.When you pay online there is no FEE!

If you do get the power turned off because you let your account go negative. just make a payment and the service is back on in LESS than 2 hours of payment.~ No reconnection fee!! Just get your balance to a positive amount and your lights will come back on!

Since I have been a member I have saved MORE THAN $1000 in energy costs! 
I like that I can check the amount of electric I have used and I know what it costs for me to wash clothes or run the vacuums thru out the entire house.

Do you know what it costs you??

If you live in Texas and want to save more on your electric service I recommend Direct energy and the Power to go plan! Getting started with Power to Go IS EASY~call and start you an account, pay a $20 fee to get a positive balance on your account and you are good to go! That $20 you put on your account will last you at least a week or more depending on how much power your use daily!! 

to recap~ 

No Deposit Electricity Plan

When you sign up for Power-To-Go® electricity plan, there is no deposit required. Simply pre-pay for your electricity upfront – as much as you want and then continue to pay as often as you like to keep your account balance above zero.

No Credit Check Electricity Plan

There is no credit check required for Direct Energy Power-To-Go® electricity plan.

No Contract Electricity Plan

With Direct Energy Power-To-Go® electricity plan, there is no contract term and no commitment.

No Monthly Billing - Pay When it's Convenient for You

Direct Energy Power-To-Go® allows you to pay for any amount of electricity before you use it. You then continue to pay as you go, as often as you like, to keep your account balance above zero. There is no monthly bill to be paid.

Manage Your Electricity Usage

Instead of receiving a monthly bill, you'll get text messages or emails that allow you to see how much electricity you are using on a regular basis. This allows you to better manage your usage and costs.

Affordable Electricity Rates

Direct Energy Power-To-Go® gives you competitive, low cost electricity rates from an electricity provider you can trust.
View more details about Direct Energy Power-To-Go® electricity rate.

Simple Payment Options

There are numerous payment methods available that accept cash and credit cards. Visit one of our convenient authorized in-person payment stations to pay with cash. Call 1-877-866-6601 or go online to make a one-time payment with credit card. Direct Energy will provide you with a payment number that can be used to make payments to ensure your account is credited.

disclosure~ I am a member of direct energy's power to go program and i know lots of Texans who could use the lower rate, the savings and great sign up bonus!!

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