Thursday, July 11, 2013

Do you have the Ibotta app yet?? Haribo Gold-Bear Gummi Bears ONLY 20 cents!!

Hi Gang!
Ibotta is this awesome app FOUND HERE, It works with Google and I items(iphone and ipads etc) I have it on my ipad and it works fine:)
How Ibotta works~ You look thru the OFFERS and find something you want to buy! complete the tasks for that product, scan receipt and redeem for payment:)

For example ~when you click "Offers" and click "sort", then click "candy" you will see an offer for Haribo Gold-Bear gummi candy. Click the gummi bears and your screen will look like this~
You will earn 50 cents when you click the circles under the gummi bear picture and complete the easy tasks and then purchase the Gummi's! They are $1 or less at Walmart. :)
This a great item to start with because it is so cheap!
You can also use this coupon
will make them 20 cents or LESS!!

There are many offers on ibotta and they change often but you earn the same way on all of them~ complete the tasks, scan receipt and redeem :) There is no limit on how much you can make at ibotta!!
How to get paid~ After you have purchased the product (gummi bears) and you have your receipt click "Redeem", then click "Walmart" then take a photo of your receipt then it will ask you to scan the bar code and enter. When you submit your receipts and bar codes it may take a few minutes for the purchases to be approved. To get your credit it must be receipt must be readable and have the store logo in the picture.
That's it!!
Your account will be credited 50 cents PLUS your new member bonus

Ibotta pays via paypal at any amount over $5!
Payment will be in your paypal within seconds of requesting!!

Happy Earning!

disclosure~ I have the ibotta app and earn$$ so I am sharing with my readers so they can earn too:) 

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AndreaH said...

I have Ibotta but I have yet to use it. :\ I don't see too many items I use and when I do go shopping I forget all about the app and lose my receipt. But the app still sits on my computer in hopes that one day I will remember!