Sunday, July 08, 2012

Today is MY Birthday~~ consider donating to WFNHN

Hi Gang!
Today is my Birthday~ YIPPIE~
I would like NO gifts or cards for myself!
This year I would like my followers and friends to adopt a child from the Wichita Falls Neighbors Helping Neighbors 
upcoming 2013 Christmas wish list! 
You can adopt a child by donating or searching!!
Wichita Falls Neighbors Helping Neighbors(WFNHN) is a local charity that my kiddos and I operate in our hometown of Wichita Falls, Texas during the Christmas Season. The goal of WFNHN is to provide Christmas gifts to children who need a little hope and faith during the Christmas season. My kiddos and I have been sponsoring kids since 2007! We LOVE giving hope to the little ones that other wise would not get any gifts due to their families financial situation. I know its only July, but I think of how my kiddos and I can help the little Angels all year long. We grab socks, under clothes and shoes when they are on clearance. We have been able to purchase ALL of the items the Angels wish for every Christmas. We have purchased bikes, skateboards, guitars, Polly pockets and baby dolls ALL with donations from family, friends and neighbors thru out the year! Every child we assist gets a new pair of shoes and socks along with a main wish:)

Can you make my birthday wish come true by donating to WFNHN to help an Angel for the 2013 Christmas wish list?? If you would like to donate click the tab below and follow thru the steps to donate thru Paypal! You can donate ANY amount you like! No amount is to small!

Every bit will add up and will bring a smile to a little Angels face when they think they are getting nothing from Santa and my kiddos show up dressed like elves and gives them their wish items!!

IF you can not donate at this time, don't worry, its OK ~consider GoodSearching for WFNHN ~ Its FREE ~ for more info on how to assist WFNHN by searching via GOODSEARCH check out this linky:) Now at GoodSearch you can watch ads and play games to help your favorite charity:)

Thanks bunches and have a GREAT July 8th!!

please share this post with your followers with the tabs below, lets get the word out about my wish, WFNHN and GoodSearch!

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!
I hope you get a ton of donations!!!
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