Thursday, September 12, 2013

Are you a Blogger?? like to review products? check out these sites!


Are you a blogger and do you like to review products??
Check out these sites!!
note~ I blog on blogger and these are the sites I use.

1. tomoson~the list of products here update daily. Click "find promotions" to find available items to review. you have 35 days to get the review posted or your rank with drop. The higher your rank the more products you will be approved to review.

2. business 2 blogger ~ this site offers sponsored posts and product reviews. After you get signed up click "search jobs" to find what is available.

3. Smiley360 ~ after you sign up check the "offers for you" section of your "my smiley360' page often for new surveys and missions. The more smileys your earn the higher your level will get and the better missions you will qualify for.

4. Purex insiders ~ this site sends kits of purex products for you to try and coupons to share on your blog. The more you report your activities the higher your level will get and the more kits you will qualify for.

5. Swaggable ~ at this site you click "want" for the items you would like to review. They send you the item and you write a short review on the site. When you write a review the next item is sent. The items that are sent are usually sample sizes.

6. Sverve ~ This site offers sponsored posts and review items. Some reviews you have to have a certain score to be able to qualify. For this site when you find a campaign you would like to join click "view more" then "apply". compensation varies by the campaign.

7. Bzzagent ~ this site sends bzzzkits with items to review. make sure you check for surveys often to qualify for new campaigns

8. SheSpeaks ~ This site sends items to review

9. One2One network ~ this site has campaigns often to review items. my last few campaigns have been music cd's.

10. Influenster ~ They send themed boxes of review items

There are many other sites out there but these are my favorites ~ at the

All the above sites are free to sign up and free to review items.

I hope you find a few that you will enjoy!!

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Carrie said...

Thanks very much for this list, I knew about most of them but Sverve and One2One are new to me!