Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ashley Tutors ~ Education then vs now

Technology is changing the way we live and do work, but it’s also transforming the way we learn. In the past several decades, technological innovations have made their way into the classroom and forever altered the course - 

Do you remember the days of The Apple II and those stand alone computers and and do you remember those floppy disks and CD roms? or even a chalkboard? oh and those big heavy textbooks?? What about those rotary phones?? 

WOW have things have changed since I was in school~ My children are learning with new technology like iPads, SmartBoards, kindles, cell phones. Now when they need info about anything they just google it and can come up with all the info they need about any subject!! Today when a paper is do my kiddos just type it out and print it. They even carry all the info they may need for school via a thumb drive.

IF you are a parent like I am, then you know or have used the older gadgets listed about and are a pro at using them, but when you try and assist your child with their home work, do you find it overwhelming or hard to use the new gadgets? 
I know I do! Technology is just going to keep taking over education! 

To avoid the nightly struggle of the homework battle let Ashley Tutors help your child to succeed!

 To learn more about how technology is altering the course education check out this fun, interactive graphic on their website!

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