Sunday, June 15, 2014

Take Time to Heal: How Addictions Affect Loved Ones

If you’re the one in your family who is suffering from an addiction of course it’s

important to take care of yourself, but it’s also just as important to be concerned

for those who are affected by your condition. Many times addicts who have gone

through heroin rehab or alcohol rehab have no idea how much their actions

affect others. Family members can develop depression, social anxiety, or have

the same addiction later in life. An addict not only needs to ensure that they get

the proper care so that they are healed, but make sure the family members that

are affected get the proper care that they need as well. This may not be your

responsibility if you are still struggling as an addict, but at least you can look for

the signs so that professionals help can be sought after if necessary.

Signs to Look for in Family Members

There are so many signs to look for in family members who may suffer from a

similar addiction, including a child who is struggling at school, a teenager who is

not attending from family functions most of the time, and other family members

having moments of lashing out with intense anger. These issues in both children

and adults can escalate, so it’s important to get them treatment that’s necessary.

Advanced Health and Education in New Jersey can help not only an addict but a

family member cope before it turns into an addiction that’s even harder to shake.

When to Get Help

If you feel a child is having a hard time dealing with the stress of a parent who

is healing from a past heroin addiction for example, have them speak to a

counselor. They may be able to use talk therapy to deal with their feelings of

pain and frustration at their parent for being absent in their life while they went

to rehab. If you find that counseling isn’t working and the child is still lashing and

becoming depressed, consult with their doctor and other professionals. Don’t

allow things to escalate; instead of ignoring the signs help the child find their path

to recovery with the help of people who love them.

Why the Addict Shouldn’t Feel Guilty

If you’re an addict you can’t feel guilty for how your family members respond to

your addiction and illness. It’s true that your condition will no doubt affect a loved

one, but instead of putting that on your shoulders it’s vital that you take care of

yourself both physically and mentally so that you don’t have a relapse. If your

family members ask you to help them with depression or another illness due to

your past choices in life refer them to a professional and tell them you’ll be there

for them within reason. You only have so much to give and part of the healing

process is taking care of yourself so that you can fully overcome your addiction.

Family members will get through this by knowing you’re on the same path as

they are -- a path of healing.

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