Monday, June 09, 2014

Three Causes of Hearing Loss and How to Treat Them

There are many basic things our bodies do that we take for granted. Most of

these functions are foundational to everyday life, yet we rarely think about them.

We just go on using our five senses without really stopping to think about how to

protect these senses to ensure they will be around for the duration of most of our

lives. Among these senses is the ability to hear, which we use daily to converse

with loved ones, stay safe in traffic, interact with professional colleagues, and

enjoy the pleasures of life, such as music. It’s never too early to begin protecting

your hearing in hopes that it will stay strong and with you throughout your entire

life. Here are a few main causes of hearing loss and how to treat them.

Exposure to Loud Music

While portable music devices have been around for a long time, there’s been a

significant shift in hearing loss in young people, because iPods and MP3 players

contain much more music than portable devices have in the past. Individuals

tend to listen to music much longer than they used to. Also, the newer design of

headphones, which go inside the ear, have the potential to make the music even

louder and directed at the ear canal. Loss of hearing happens gradually, so even

if a person doesn’t become deaf from listening to loud music, it’s probably only a

matter of time if turning up the volume is a habit.  Ask yourself if you’re hearing

people’s voices less clearly, or if you’re asking them to repeat themselves. If you

are, it may be time to get your ears checked and make some changes to stop

the effects of loud music. Turn down the music, take breaks, and consider other

types of headphones.


Our cells change as we grow older, and sometimes hearing loss is inevitable

as our bodies begin to wear out. Most commonly, the changes age brings are

related to changes that occur in the inner ear. Loud noises and genes also play

a role. If you have problems hearing in noisy areas or have to ask people to

repeat themselves, it may be time to look into some options to help you live

an active and normal life despite hearing loss. There are many hearing center locations

where the experts can help you diagnose and treat hearing loss.

Earwax Buildup

As silly as it sounds, earwax buildup is a common and significant ailment that

prevents clear hearing. Even if you clean out your ears daily or weekly, some

people just have wax buildup that is unreachable with common instruments.

Any general practitioner will have the necessary tools to extract excess earwax.

Before seeking significant treatment, determine whether or not your hearing

trouble is caused by a simple thing such as earwax. Schedule consistent

appointments to go in and get your earwax taken care of, so you can hear clearly

and enjoy life.

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