Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Home Sweet Home: Home Improvements You Can’t Ignore

Owning a home can be quite a responsibility. While it’s often a better financial

decision, since you’re pouring money into an investment instead of giving it

away, the responsibilities of a homeowner are vast and many. You no longer can

call upon a landlord or property manager to upkeep your place, or fix and replace

things when they break. Because of this, it’s important to be proactive about

maintaining your home and to fix many things early, so time and neglect don’t

exacerbate problems. Here are a few solutions to major repairs on a home.

Look for a New Home

Some problems may just be beyond repair and outside of your budget, especially

if you’re a working single mom in a one-income household. At this point, it may

be time to put your old house on the market and begin looking for a new one. If

purchasing a new house seems like an insurmountable expense, look into grants

for housing for single mothers. Affordable housing may be just an application

away, and you’ll never know unless you take some time to research the benefits

that may be available to you. Major problems, such as foundation issues or

replacing the entire electrical system may warrant a new living space.


Plumbing problems can be expensive, and if your home has old pipes, it may

be time to consider replacing them. New pipes may benefit your family’s health

by providing cleaner water for drinking and bathing, and they may also prevent

you from having to spend lots of money on a myriad of repairs as the old pipes

further deteriorate. Consult this article to find out a little more on when it’s time to

replace the pipes in your home.


If you’ve had water damage or carpet that’s old enough to graduate, it may be

time to make some flooring changes. Changing out old carpet or repairing wet

spots can help reduce mold and dander that triggers allergies. Give your family

a safe breathing and walking space by consulting some experts and determining

if it’s time to pull up those floors and replace them. You can find inexpensive

laminate solutions, or majorly invest in the house by putting down new wood or

bamboo floors. Do some research to determine what options fit into your budget

and get ready to transform your space.

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