Friday, September 26, 2014

When to Invest in a New Car

For most of us it’s hard to let go of an existing car we own either for sentimental reasons or simply because getting a new car is expensive. If you’re on the fence about whether to invest in a new car or fix your existing car, it depends on your situation at hand and whether the repairs are significant enough to warrant getting another car. Are you still not sure? Here are some signs that you should invest in a new car before your car gives up on you:

You Need to Register Your Car in a New State

If you just moved you will need to register your car in the new state that you are in. If you would like to get a new car in the near future any way do you really want to go through the hassle of registering your existing car just to have to do it again with your new car? Think ahead and figure out what is most economical. You’ll save yourself extra funds if you plan it out well. That way when your current car’s registration is up you have enough saved to get that quality pre-owned car you’ve had your eyes on for a while.

You Feel Unsafe in Your Car

If you’ve had a car that you love but the visibility is horrible and you have a lot of blind spots when you drive, is it really worth it to keep it? Your safety is the most important, so if you’re feeling unsafe and full of anxiety while driving your car it’s time you gave it up for a pre-owned car that’s reliable. Don’t put your life at stake just because you like the appearance of the car. Safely comes first.

Your Car is a Gas Guzzler

Gas is expensive! If you have a car that is a gas guzzler then your car is no longer economical, especially if you’re driving every day to a job that is farther than ten miles away from your home. The truth is you’re spending a ton on gas when you could be cutting back on expenses by purchasing a car that doesn’t cost nearly as much to gas up. Think about what’s best and consider investing in
a car that isn’t going to cost you as much.

You Need a Reliable Car

If you like to travel because you have a long distance relationship, have friends in a near by town or have to go out of town for work once a week, a reliable car is essential. If your existing car doesn’t feel reliable due to recent problems it has been having or it is getting up there with its miles you might want to get a new car. Having a car you can count on when you’re traveling long distance is really important and could save you a lot of time and money.

You Still Have Crank Windows

What?! If you still have crank windows it’s definitely time to upgrade. Sure, there are great trucks that keep going and going and have crank windows, but if you’re starting a family or plan on traveling in this vehicle regularly, do yourself a favor and upgrade before your vintage vehicle breaks down on you.

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