Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Distracted driving is dangerous

Hey Gang!

Did you know that in the state of Texas that it is still legal to text and drive!! I see folks driving with one hand and using the other hand to text!! What can be that darn important??  I make it a point to turn of my and my kiddos phones when we get in the car. We need to pay attention to the road and our surroundings while driving. The only place in Texas you cant text and drive is in school zones and while driving a school bus... Well at least we are getting on the right track:)

I was reading an article about the differences in the fines related to text driving and drunk driving. The difference in the fines are way off. I think that anything that disrupts your driving ability should be a huge fine and/or jail time.

For instance in the state of Texas, if you get stopped for texting while driving its a warning. Yup, the officer will tell you to put your phone away...I have never heard of any one getting a ticket for it. I have had many friends get stopped and warned about texting! On the other hand, if you get stopped for drinking it is a HUGE fine. I know someone who had to pay a $2500 fine for his first offense! To me that is just nuts!

Whats the difference in the crime?? They both distract you from the road and can harm or kill you.  What do you think about the difference in the fines for texting vs drinking while driving.

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