Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Easy Things to Do to Improve Your Community and Building

Whether you own a building downtown or simply want to improve your working environment, there are always small projects you can do to help your community. It’s easy to let it go and shrug aside the many improvements that can be made. In fact, many people stop caring about their surroundings and even considering different ways to improve the place they spend a lot of time at. You can be different. Improving your community will not only help the earth, but it will help you feel great knowing you are making a difference. Even the little things count, so if you feel you don’t have the time think again. There are always small tasks that can be accomplished that will make a big difference in the long run.

Outside Your Building

There are several things you can do outside your building and more specifically around your building. First, focus on the lighting. Think about the building’s entry or roofline and add twinkle lights to shrubs and trees. This is an easy improvement that will make the area outside your building truly sparkle. During the holiday season lights will also look lovely and make your building stand out.

Second, does the foundation of your building need improvements? A foundation repair project is important and should not be put off. Hire professionals that provide shoring, tiebacks, carbon fiber repair, and even new construction services. Having professionals that install piers and that can repair and restore your building should attract new customers and make it look more appealing.

You may also consider placing several benches outside. Who know, you may have business associates who would like to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. Having inviting benches surrounded by twinkle lights and beautiful trees may be just what you need. Simple touches will improve the way the exterior of your building looks.

Learn About Your Community

In order to learn how you can best help, it’s always a good idea to learn about your community. Meet the staff at your neighboring buildings and consider partnering with them to host activities and more. You can also learn about the local zoning laws and even go to a meeting at the local city council. Who knows – when all is said and done you may also want to consider writing an article in your local paper, focusing on downtown and the local businesses there.

Special Activities

You can be creative by using your new and improved building to also help the community.How? You can host a monthly picnic in the public space of your building by inviting nearby business owners to bring food. You can also invite these same tenants to plant a community garden that you can all care for together. Another idea is to do a book swap. Trade books and recycle instead of throwing books that you’ve already read out! Another idea is to host a performance by a local group from a school, church, non profit organization, etc. There are so many ways you can help your community by making use of your building and nearby space!

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