Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sweet Surrender: Learning How to Self Soothe

They say that the holiday season can add a lot of stress and unfortunately most of the time this is true. Whether it’s the pressure to get presents for everyone or entertain family members it’s quite easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and forget to slow down and relax. Even though you may feel pressure to do everything in a very short time time, it’s important to learn how to self soothe. Keeping your stress at bay will help you enjoy the holiday season without a full blown anxiety attack.

Roll Away the Pain
Stress just doesn’t come from the holiday season. You may be suffering from stress caused by pain in your muscles or other parts of your body. Just when you thought there wasn’t any joint pain relief you figured out that natural pain relief can help with a lot of painful injuries. Melt Method offers stress relief for painful injuries which in turn can help you cope with the internal stress that is taking place because of your aching body.

A great lower back pain treatment is a body roller, which you can use to roll out any knots or tension in your back, legs, and other part of your body. A roller is an excellent way to ease your pain and help you feel better over all with the process. If you’re not familiar with a Melt Method roller you can watch YouTube videos on how to properly use one and read up on it on the Melt Method site for additional information.

Journal Your Thoughts
There are a lot of ways you can avoid the negative feelings that may pop up during the holidays, but if you ignore stress and negative emotions they may spiral out of control. To self soothe yourself why not try journaling all of your thoughts? Finding a way to funnel the emotions in a positive way will help you heal and allow you to enjoy each day as it comes.

Do what you Love
It sounds cliché, but doing what you love and taking care of yourself is important when life gets busy. Whether this means going to a Yoga class where you focus on your breathing, taking time out to eat lunch at the park, or watching a movie in bed with your spouse is up to you, but it’s important to discover what makes you happy and stress free It’s also okay to make yourself important, because if you don’t it’s hard to make others important. Enjoy your holidays stress free by self soothing and taking care of you both physically and emotionally.

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