Monday, August 31, 2015

Swimwear trends over the years

Swimsuits have changed over the last 100 years!

Now that the summer has come to an end I am looking for something to remind me of those warm summer days. As I think back, the first thing that reminds me of summer is my swimwear.. I mean really what is the one thing you cant wait to get into at the start of summer!! When you have your swim wear on you know you are going to have a fun day at the beach, pool etc. When you look at your swimwear have you thought about swimsuits and how they have changed over the years?

Check out THIS LINK . You will be able to look and drag and drop the swimsuits from the past 100 years on to a virtual model. To me she looks like a "paper doll" I use to play with as a kid.

You can notice a big difference in the swimsuits from the 1900's! They looked like complete body suits. These type of swimsuits were called swim dresses and were popular thru the 1920's. One piece swim suits became popular in the 50's. Tankini's were popular in the 30's and 40's with swimmers. As we move into the 60's you can see a change in swimsuits. Bikini's become the norm in the 60's and have hung around to the current day.

What kind of swimsuit did you wear this summer? Will it be the same type next year?

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