Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Have you played SwagIQ?

Have you played SwagIQ?
It’s a live trivia game show where you test your knowledge to win cash prizes. It’s free to play, just download the app to get started. To earn money, you must be a member of SwagBucks. It’s also free to sign up, and there are plenty of ways to get free gifts cards by using the site!

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Here’s a little more about Swag IQ:
Monday through Thursday they broadcast a live game. Simply tune-in at the appointed time by launching the SwagIQ app and log-in with your Swagbucks account credentials. The game show host will ask a series of multiple-choice trivia questions. You’ll have 10 seconds to answer each one.
Get it right; you get SB (points you can use to get gift cards) and move on. Answer them all correctly and you can win a grand prize! If more than one player wins, the winners split the grand prize.
Get it wrong; still play along. Some questions have an SB award attached to them. If you answer those questions correctly, you get SB, even if you’re out of the running for the big money. And, if you’re in a groove but miss a question, you’ll have the option to rejoin a game by redeeming a few SB.
Have fun!

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Mama's Jewelry Advantage ~ Special Offer - Save 10%

Holiday Special Offer - Save 10% Off already low prices. 

What is the Mama's Jewelry Advantage?

We are a family operated business born out of a passion for creating jewelry from gold,Sterling Silver, platinum and diamonds. We care about your comfort and satisfaction and how secure your diamonds and gems are set.

We are so proud of our jewelry in our store we give our customers a lifetime warranty on any piece of jewelry they buy. With that culture in mind, we developed Mama's Jewelry.

A great deal of thought goes into the process of designing these rings, pendants and bracelets. When the customer receives their jewelry there is "wow" factor. We hear it time and time again. We always deliver 110%.

Thickness of the shank, the prongs, the quality of the stones, the way they are set; no one gives the customer so much attention to detail like we do. We have over 2100 positive reviews on eBay and thousands of reviews on Amazon and have sold tens of thousands pieces without any complaint.

We love jewelry and we want our passion for it to be evident in any piece we offer.

What is the Mama's Jewelry Advantage? Simple. We care.
Holiday Special Offer - Save 10% Off already low prices. Use Code: USFAMILYBLOG10 Visit:

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Gift Hulk~ earn rewards online:)

There are MANY sites that are out here that you can make a few extra $$ a month!
 This one is one of the very best!

GIFTHULK~ Is an easy DAILY site that you can earn some really cool rewards from!
You can earn rewards like Amazon gift cards and PayPal!

GiftHulk is a Search and earn site!

Earn more prizes with GiftHulk!
Want to redeem more and redeem faster?
Here are some useful Tips

* Fill the Bonus Bar by earning Hulk Coins at the Offer Walls! Each Bonus Bar has a different Bonus! 
* Check our EZ Coins section daily - each day new and EZ offers are being added. 
* Complete Daily Surveys 
* Max out at GiftHulk TV! The more you watch - the more you earn! 
* Use your social power and refer your friends to join GiftHulk - 
There are also codes for free HC called fountain of youth codes!
Try the new Guess the card game for your chance to win FREE HC daily!
For more info on GiftHulk check out~

What I like about GiftHulk!
1. Its Easy
2. The rewards are in my email within days of request

Give GiftHulk a try!! You could earn some extra gift cards to help ya out!!
I LUV these emails from GiftHulk!

A post shared by Stacy Melendez (@dnbustersplace) on

A post shared by Stacy Melendez (@dnbustersplace) on

sign up at GIFTHULK!! and you can earn a cashout soon!

disclosure~ I am a member of GiftHulk and earn cool prizes and rewards. The above link is my ref. link to GiftHulk.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Geek My Tree @usfg

Tree Effects is a stunning tabletop light show tree with 50 full-color light patterns, changeable light caps, and a wireless remote for only $49. The product is perfect for people who want to add a little Christmas cheer but have limited space or no longer want to hassle with a big tree.

Unlike traditional pre-lit trees, Tree Effects operates every LED independently to deliver spectacular full-color effects that mesmerize friends and family. Simply fluff the tree, place the lights, then plug it in for an instant light show that is easily controlled with the provided wireless remote.

Tree Effects also features changeable light caps. You can replace the included mini-snowflakes with new shapes like stars, pumpkins, or pet paws, for different holidays or themed looks.

 For a limited time Get a FREE Pet Paw Caps when purchased with 

Tree Effects. Discount applied at checkout.

Tree Effects was first introduced through Kickstarter in March 2017, and the project was completely funded within 48 hours. Tree Effects delivers the experience of the original GeekMyTree GlowBalls seen on Shark Tank on a tabletop tree for a fraction of the original price.

About GeekMyTree
GeekMyTree, based in Grand Haven, Michigan, appeared on Shark Tank in December 2015. On the show, the company introduced its hassle-free way to create sophisticated, brilliant, full-color light shows on full-sized Christmas trees, garnering an investment from Kevin O'Leary. GeekMyTree's patented and artistic technologies have propelled the company to a leadership role in full-color, consumer-based, light show systems.

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Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR! #InfinityWar


opens in theaters everywhere 

May 4th, 2018! 

Avengers: Infinity War 
is an American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by 
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
It is intended to be the sequel to 2012's Marvel's The Avengers and 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron and the nineteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). 

The film is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, with a screenplay by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely, and features an ensemble cast

In Avengers: Infinity War, the Avengers join forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy to confront Thanos, who is trying to collect the Infinity Stones.

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This material was provided by Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios via its blogger program!