Monday, June 26, 2017

Have you tried INSTAGC??

This is my favorite site at this time and is on my make $$ online tab above.

InstaGC is a simple site! 
You complete offers and earn points. 
Redeem those points for Gift Cards! 

Check these out!!

I redeemed for more than 
$200 in cash and gift cards
 this weekend! 

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A post shared by Stacy Melendez (@dnbustersplace) on

A post shared by Stacy Melendez (@dnbustersplace) on

As with any site there are PROs and Cons here are mine for IGC!
I LOVE that InstaGC sends you the gift cards you redeem for INSTANTLY!! You click redeem and the page loads with your code. I have redeemed for Amazon and Walmart gift cards and both popped up within seconds! I even redeemed 2 walmart gift cards on my phone at checkout:) 
I also LOVE the response from staff! I give them 5 stars for responding fast and following thru with their WORD! It is hard finding and honest site anymore:(

The ONLY con is that it does, as with any other earnings site TAKE TIME and EFFORT!! You will not get rich OVER NIGHT!! This $200+ I redeemed for over the weekend was NOT earned over night! It took me and my 1 VERY active referral alot of work on surveys and watching videos!

but the time and work DOES pay off! I have fun shopping at walmart!! :) :) 

note~ After you redeem for $50 or more in Other gift cards~ Amazon, walmart or 1,000 other choices you can choose paypal or direct deposit for Earnings!!

click here to sign up

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