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Basically, These are sites I play games, watch videos or click around to earn a few extra bucks or even prizes. I like these sites below because they are EASY and PAY quickly.

My favorite at this time is InstaGC

I am earning a REWARD EVERYDAY!! 
just by answering a couple surveys and watching a few videos!! 
I love that gift cards are INSTANT!!
My best DAY was $123 in REWARDS!!

**Reward Shopping (daily) Very EASY 
Spin the super Lucky Button, you can also earn points by doing different things such as opening the daily email and watching videos. Exchange the points for great rewards from gift cards to Ipads.! 
My favorite prize is Pay Pal and amazon gift cards.
They send reward usually within 7 days of requesting. 
The more you play, more spins you will get daily up to 200 spins a day!!

PaidviewPoint~ (multi times daily) 
answer surveys, earn at least 10 cents each time you answer. Some surveys pay $5 or more ..PVP pays out at $15 level. This site pays with in 24 hours of requesting.(pay pal)

Swagbucks (multi times daily) 
search and win site. You earn swag bucks and exchange them for great prizes. My favorite prize is NOW the $10 Visa gift card which is 1000 swag bucks. 
There are also free swag bucks via swag codes. Feel free to follow me on facebook and twitter I post live codes when i find them!  Rewards are sent with in 24hrs of ordering.

**GiftHulk~ (daily) 
I search, watch videos, and play the guess the card game on GH. My favorite redemption is Paypal!!  I like this site alot because it has an EZ coins section ~ It takes 5,000 hulk coins to redeem for a $5 pay pal. GH pays really quick, usually with in 72 hours of requesting.
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Shop Your Way Rewards ~ (daily) This site has a Sweeps section, usually around 40 or more Instant wins daily. You can win shop your way points OR products on EACH sweeps! 
These points are worth CASH 1,000 points is $1. You can redeem these points on items on or at your local Sears/Kmart. At your local store you can use your points for anything in the store! groceries, toys, diapers and more! 
In 2016 I ordered over $1,500 in FREE products using my points!! Items like a flat screen tv, microwave, shoes, clothes, towels, rugs and much more! 
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LuckBox~ I am new at this app. But i did win $25 in the 1st week of playing! You watch a set of 12 videos and click on the round circle that pops up before time runs out to get credit for watching video. You can get a max of 12 entries into the Sunday night drawing! More than $500 is given away to the members during the live facebook drawing! You can also win by commenting on Luckbox Facebook page and watching live drawing. There are winners DAILY on facebook! Wins are paid via Paypal!!  NOTE THE APP IS BEING UPDATED AT THIS TIME. YOU CAN STILL WIN VIA FACEBOOK GIVEAWAYS!
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WynZyn very EASY! 
A Participant will earn points during each Sweepstakes period. 
Once a Participant earns 50 or more points, verifies that they have complied with WynZyn's rules and provides their complete mailing address, the points will be converted to dollars and the participant will be paid.
The more ads you watch the higher the level you reach for the week. The higher the level you reach the larger the prize is.Use my code SX9W when you sign up and WE both get extra entries into the next drawing!

Fun Bingo games that you can win cash~or other prizes!
Gsn Chachingo ~ pic your bingo numbers once an hour here.
It goes up by $12 an hour if no one wins.
it gets HIGH! 6 of the past winners have won more than $14,000!! :)
Win someone wins it starts over at $1,500!
Even if you don't win the cash you will still earn tokens and OOdles. Use those OOdles to enter to GSN giveaways! In those giveaways you can win the daily cash prize, gift cards and more!!

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1Q ~ I am new to this app. Earn 25 to 50 cents instantly when you answer one question. I have been paid more than 5 times!

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I know there are loads of sites out there to earn money or gift cards BUT, these are my favorites at this time.  I update this page regularly so please feel free to bookmark this page and check in often! last update 6/23/17

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