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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hapimomi app ~ REVIEW


Hi Gang,
I wanted to introduce you to this great app that I was privileged enough to get a chance to review!
 Its called Hapimomi. The app is FREE!!  Just as its name says it will make you a Hapimomi!!
 It is so easy to use that the kids can add their own activities and appointments! 

First a little about Hapimomi~
Hapimomi was founded in 2012 by two parents Danny and Claudia living in Silicon Valley. Every parent knows just how crazy running a family can be with your own work schedules, kids' school, after school activities, tutoring, hobbies, vacations and so much more! A lightbulb went off for us, that being able to share with each other anytime, and on the go, is the key. We were frustrated by the lack of private sharing and planning apps for our family. The generic social sites are too public and do not help us coordinate with each other privately throughout a busy day. We wished there was an all-in-one app to also help us coordinate groceries, errands and had a fun calendar to plan events for our family. Additionally we needed a family phone book that we shared at all times. We definitely did not want six separate apps that require another six logins, with constant updates etc. So armed with many years of Fortune 500 marketing, finance and technology experience, we launched Hapimomi to help families stay connected and organized, privately!
Hapimomi has every thing you need right at your fingertips!
The dial shown above is easy to touch and go to the right area of Hapimomi! 
There are 6 main sections of the app!


Easily share personal messages with your family privately.

To Do List

No more writing on pieces of paper everywhere! Share important family tasks with each other instantly.


A safe place to keep your family’s important moments.


Share a single family phone book everyone can access, anytime.


Keep organized. Plan together. Share events with your family easily.
I like this area most because you can assign every member of the family a different color!! It would look like this when you have every one's activities on the calendar.
I have 8 people living in my house so this will really help keep up with every ones schedules!

Shopping List

Instantly share your shopping lists with each other, and track who bought what and when.
There are many stores listed from Target, petco, Sam's and others. If you don't use that store its easy to delete the store from the list. Just tap it and click the X:) You can even break the list down by category! food, Auto, cleaning, clothing etc.

I have been playing around with the app for more than an hour and I don't know what I 
did before I had this app! It is great! 
Everything I need is right there!
If i remember something I can just type it in and i wont forget!

For more info about the Hapimomi app~

Download the app today and start sharing and planning with your family today!!

disclosure~ this is a sponsored post on behalf of Hapimomi. I downloaded and LOVE the APP! 

Snuggle and ALL bring comfort to Little League World Series

As the Exclusive Laundry Products Sponsor of Little League®, all® and Snuggle® are Every Family’s Double Header Solution to Keep Uniforms Clean and Soft

Laundry. Doesn’t that word give you the chills? In some cases, it can really pile up. Take the Little League® World Series for example. How many moms do you think it will take to clean the hundreds of uniforms on-site this year at the annual games in Williamsport, Pennsylvania? The answer: None. 

As the Official Laundry Products of Little League® Baseball and Softball, all® and Snuggle®are on-deck for the 2013 Little League World Series, taking place from August 19th thru the 21st!.
 Each year, hundreds of hopefuls face-off in for the opportunity to play the game of their life, and this year, ‘all and Snuggle are excited to be part of the action, providing daily, on-site laundry to Little League® World Series players, coaches and referees, and keeping moms from all around the world happy and smiling.

In addition ‘all and Snuggle will host the Fan Fun Zone, a space where families and Little League players can participate in activities, and enjoy time together in between games on-site. Each participant pitches as many socks as possible into the ‘all and Snuggle washer machine and for each sock that makes it in one minute, the brands will donate $5 to the Challenger Division®. This organization is a division of the Little League® and enables boys and girls with physical and mental challenges to enjoy the game of baseball. More than 30,000 children participate in over 900 Challenger Divisions worldwide.

Starting in spring 2013, the all and Snuggle Little League sponsorship will include exciting nationwide programs to engage retailers and consumers in fun, Little League style promotional activities. 
For more information about all, please visit
For more information about Snuggle, please visit Snuggle
For more information about Little League, please visit

About all® Laundry Detergent
As a recognized leader and reliable laundry partner with consumers for more than 50 years, the all® brand provides an incredible clean at an incredible value for all your family’s needs. The all brand has your detergent needs covered with compact powder, concentrated liquids, and single dose pacs in a choice of sizes and variants, including all free clear, the number one detergent recommended by allergists and dermatologists for sensitive skin. With all mighty pacs™ for simplicity and added convenience, and all OXI-Active® providing extra strength to tackle the worst dirt and stains the first time - it’s all good!™ all laundry detergent is manufactured by The Sun Products Corporation. For more information, visit or
All leaves your clothes feeling and smelling clean! I have 3 teenagers in my house and All really helps clean up after them. They are always sweaty and stink! I can wash their clothes in All and they are good to go. All gets those nasty sweat stains out and the clothes look like new! I give all 5 stars for making my kiddos look and smell good!

About Snuggle® Fabric Softener
As a leader in the fabric softener category for more than 30 years, Snuggle provides ultimate snuggly softness and long-lasting fresh scents to loads of laundry. Recognized by its iconic Snuggle Bear, which was created by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, the Snuggle brand offers a variety of high-quality fabric conditioning products, including liquid softeners and dryer sheets in a variety of fragrances.  Snuggle is manufactured by The Sun Products Corporation and available at major retailers including most food, drug, mass, club and dollar stores. 
For more information, visit or My family and I luv Snuggle. I have used it on my kiddos blankets and towels since they were very little. All 3 of my kids have owned a snuggle bear at one time or another. I like the way it makes my blankets and towels feel fresh and clean! My family and i give Snuggle 5 starts! Our towels are always fresh and smell clean. With 3 teenagers in the house sometimes it is hard to find a towel that is clean! Thanks snuggle

About The Sun Products Corporation 
The Sun Products Corporation headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut, is a leading North American provider of laundry detergent, fabric softeners and other household care products. With annual sales of $2 billion, the Company’s portfolio of products are sold under well known brands that include all®, Wisk®, Snuggle®, Sun®, Surf®, and Sunlight®. In addition, Sun Products is the manufacturing partner for many retailer brand laundry and dish products in North America. 
For more information visit:

disclosure~ I received a coupon for a Free bottle of All and a free bottle of snuggle in exchange for my post.
Note: This post may contain a sponsored/affiliate/referral link. Thank you for supporting this site!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Invite to Join Harlem Globetrotters MVP Ambassador Program #HGMVP

This week, we launched a brand new Fan Ambassador program called HG MVP.  MVPs will receive exclusive Globetrotter content, gain access to MVP-only events and material, and will have opportunities to win prizes available ONLY to HG MVPs. Prizes like tickets, merchandise, autographed memorabilia and special once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.  This month's prize is called "Put Me in a Globetrotter Video" sweepstakes where one fan will star in the next Globetrotter YouTube video with our players.

Anybody age 13 and above is eligible to join and win the monthly prize(s) so if your children are of age and are Globetrotter fans, we'd love for them to join too. We hope you'll become an HG MVP and we hope to see you at a game this year!


Note: This post may contain a sponsored/affiliate/referral link. Thank you for supporting this site!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament ~ Dallas, Texas!!

My Family and I took a day trip to Dallas last week! 
One of the places we stopped at was the 
Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament!
If you have NEVER been you must BOOK your tickets today! 
When you buy your tickets online you will get a FREE Royalty upgrade! 
That is a $20 value!
That upgrade includes Royal Treatment during the feast, VIP seating, a program, cheering banner and behind the scenes DVD!!
Check the Medieval Times website often for great deals and specials on tickets!
Even without the Royalty package I can promise you will have a great time! 

About the show~
Surrender to an age of bravery and honor and witness epic battles of steel and steed during our ALL-NEW SHOW. From ringside seats, discover a feast of the eyes and appetite with more action, more fun & more excitement than ever before.
As you thrill to a rousing live jousting tournament, marvel at awe-inspiring horsemanship and falconry, Medieval Times serves a four-course meal fit for royalty.
The Knights~
The Black and White knight~ Don Iofre Santa Creu - defender of the ancient shrine at Santiago de Compostela. Adorned in Black & White, he is mightiest in skill among an order of warrior priests whose arrival upon the field brings despair to the impure of heart. In prayer, humble. In service, loyal. In battle, invincible!
The Blue knightAs a young squire, Don Alberto del Mau earned his place among the Knights of the Realm in a desperate battle. He struck the enemy and rallied the faithful. Renowned as a champion of the defenseless, his blood will not be cooled, nor his vengeance postponed, for those who bring war and unquiet to Valiente.
The Red and yellow knight~Lord del Font - champion to the Count of Perelada! Undefeated, unleashed and unafraid. The sword of this invincible soldier has raised him to fame. Defeat and regret have been the reward of the countless challengers who have offered their honor and their shields to the point of his lance.
The Yellow knight~ In defense of Navarre, Don Eduardo del Rey is the rock. Nay, he is the legend. He is well-versed in the arts of chivalry, yet in attack, he is the lion uncaged! Let the ring of steel herald his arrival and the smoke of battle linger in his wake, for a legend of the Realm walks among us.
The red knightTruest son of mighty Castilla, Baron Ruiz de Roche has been called the "lion's heart" in many a battle. Set him at liberty, and he'll paralyze the enemy! With little pleasure will the ambitious look upon the banner of Castilla hanging in the list. The lion roars in victory and reigns supreme.
The Green knight~ A monument stands upon a hill in Leone honoring one man. It bears his name, carved in stone. No warrior of that mighty realm shall ever die deedless thanks to him. The bravest of the brave. The Champion of Leone.
The Horses~

Some of the most talented Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament cast members are our horses. We're proud the magnificent stallions are born performers. Nearly all of our more than 400 horses are raised at Medieval Times' Chapel Creek Ranch in Sanger, Texas.
Opened in 1991, the 241-acre ranch in North Texas is home to Quarter Horses, Friesians and Menorcans, as well as the Pure Spanish Horses we breed. The Pure Spanish Horse was prized by medieval royalty for its astonishing strength, agility and even temperament.
Training begins early. As weanlings, Medieval Times horses are introduced to lead ropes and halters. Saddles come at age 2. Long reins and simple exercises such as lunging follow. At age 3, the horses move to their new homes -- one of our nine North American Castles -- where they learn advanced-level dressage from a master horse trainer. Then life as a pampered performer begins.
After a few years in the spotlight, the Medieval Times horses move back to the Chapel Creek Ranch. In the serene setting, we make sure our horses live out their lives in royal treatment.
Bill of Fare~
A feast fit for a king! Our four-course meal will be sure to satisfy even the hungriest of knights.
His Majesty's royal feast includes:
  • Oven Roasted Chicken
  • Garlic Bread
  • Tomato Bisque Soup
  • Herb-Roasted Potato
  • Spare Rib
  • Pastry of the Castle
  • Select Non-Alcoholic Beverages
The Court

Don Carlos, The King
Long live the King! Our liege. Our lord. His majesty, the King, Don Carlos! He bears the scepter and wears the crown! His kingdom thrives while he sits on the throne and they know no harm will come to them. He desires peace, but will stop at nothing to keep his kingdom and family safe.

Princess Catalina
There's none fairer than the fairest lady in all the realm - Princess Catalina. The King keeps his daughter close because he holds her most dear to his heart. The King would never let harm come to her, nor let her go, until she has chosen the hand of the man she loves. Not one chosen for her.

Lord Chancellor
Introduces the Tournament of Knights, where the King's guests will behold incredible feats of skill and daring performed by the brave champions who hail from every corner of King Don Carlos' realm.

Royal Falconer
The Royal Falconer performs wonders with his mighty birds of prey. The tournament includes a live flight of the royal falcon, soaring over the heads of the King's guests - an ancient ceremony dating back to time forgotten.
The Weapons

In battle or competition, the best way to unhorse an adversary.Along with the sword, a Knight's lance is his primary offensive weapon. Lances used purely for competition were made to splinter upon impact, reducing the chances of serious injury to opponents during the joust.

Light. Maneuverable. Everything a sword should be.During battle, the Knights used the Espada on horseback or in combination with a shield or other weapon.

A heavy, two-handed sword tailor-made for epic swordfights.Because of its heft, 11th century Knights used the Mandoble on foot, often to deal a final blow to an enemy.

Versatile, but no less deadly. A cross between a battle-axe and a spear, the Alabarda was used to keep enemies at a distance. Should one miss his enemy on the forward stroke, the point on the back of the weapon can be used to stab with a rearward thrust.

Used on horseback or on foot, it's as fearsome as it looks.By swinging the wooden handle, the spiked ball on the end of the chain dealt a devastating blow to an adversary.

Armor-crushing force at your finger tips.The advantage of using a mace in battle comes from the sheer amount of striking force generated by the pointed weight atop its wooden shaft.

The Castle

The ivy-covered towers of Medieval Times' Dallas Castle add a bit of majesty to the Texas horizon. In regal fashion, this castle boasts nine tree-lined acres complete with a moat filled with schools of live Koi.

The Dallas Castle is conveniently located off I-35, across from the American Airlines Center.
2021 N. Stemmons
Dallas, Texas 75207
Get Directions
My Family and I had a WONDERFUL  time at Medieval Times!
Here are a few pics I took that evening. I have videos posted on YOUTUBE on my channel!
This is out side of the Dallas castle~
 The kiddos thought this was NEAT-O! See the M and T in the hedges:)
As soon as we entered the castle the excitement began! 
I took pictures of just about everything I saw..LOL
The ceiling of the castle was neat with all the knights colors and symbols.
The doors to the castle open an hour and 15 minutes before the show starts! 
That gives you plenty of time to look around at the different shops and grab some 
souvenirs to  cheer on your knight for the evening!

We were seated in our section 15 minutes before the show started!
Our knight for the evening was the YELLOW knight!
We had great seats! We were on the 2nd row!
Within minutes of being seated our server came by and introduced himself to us.
His name was ~ Long hair pony tail dude..haha
soon after the intros the  lights went out and  the show began!
For the entire 2 hours of the show we were entertained! 
The Feast was awesome! 
The kiddos ate with their fingers and enjoyed it!
Our server was very observant of our needs and refilled our drinks often.
Even the younger ones had a great time!
There was never a dull moment. 
I need to find a way to enjoy the show and eat at the same time..LOL
I was taking pictures and videos that I forgot to eat most of the time.
We all had left overs that we brought home:)
The half chicken was HUGE!
My kiddos favorite part of the show was the sword fight and the sparks from the swords 
when they hit during the fighting!
My favorite parts were the jousting and the falconer!
Although, our knight was not victorious that night, he still did great!
There was a funny moment when he fell off his horse!
The kiddos liked that too..
I don't think was to be part of the show thou:)
I give Medieval Times a 5 out of 5!
It was entertaining and we had a fun family night!
With our busy schedules it was nice to enjoy each others' company and 
catch an exciting show!

I want to say a special thank you to Synthia from Medieval Times for the tickets for my family and I! I hope we can return to the castle again soon!

disclosure: I received FREE tickets to medieval Times Dinner and Tournament located in Dallas, Texas. for my family.. I was NOT required to post a review of  our visit~ However, we had such a great time I felt the need to share it with my readers!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Mercado Juarez Cafe ~ Dallas, Texas

Hey Gang!
My family and I took a little trip to Dallas on Monday. While we where in Dallas, we got the chance to eat at a GREAT little Mexican restaurant called Mercado Juarez Cafe. Thanks to Crowdtap I was able enjoy the meal and not have to worry about the HIGH prices of BIG city food..LOL:) 

I had won a Groupon gift card for from Crowdtap in this months drawings. If you are not a member of Crowdtap you should join today!! I have won MANY gift cards from them. However, this was my first Groupon win to date and I do hope I can win more soon! 

Groupon is so easy to use! Pick the special you would like and pay for it! In the case of Mercado Juarez Cafe, the deal was $20 of food for only $10!! But Because of that win, I got a $20 Groupon for no cost! You can order the Groupon gift card for the cafe too!! 
When you join Groupon you will get notices about great other deals in your local area! They have deals on everything from food to pedicures!
While we were at the cafe I went onto and gifted a groupon certificate to a family member via email.:) ~ So they were able to save on their lunch too! 

Mercado Juarez cafe is located at 
901 W. Northwest Highway in Dallas Texas.

They offer world-class authentic Mexican cuisine with a wonderful dinning experience!
As I was doing a little research before we arrived, I learned that they have been serving the DFW area for more than 25 years and are locally owned company. I was surprised to learn that their signature item is the salsa that is served WARM!!
I just had to try that..:)
That was some darn good SALSA! The chips were thin and tasted great!
The specials are reasonably priced.
I had the Cheese enchilada plate.
The plate had 2 cheese enchiladas with caso over them with a side of rice and beans.
The plate was really good and priced right too!!
However, the rice was a little dry for my taste. I just added some of that salsa over it and it was better:)
Our server filled our drinks often and provided Excellent service to us!
The best part came when I went to pay for lunch.
This was my total!
After my Groupon~ I only payed $1.61!!

Take advantage of this great Groupon deal today and enjoy an almost FREE meal too!!
I would rate this meal a 4.7 out of 5. Due to the rice.
The restaurant was very clean and the atmosphere was great!
We will be going back again!

Thanks again to Crowdtap and Groupon!

Note: This post may contain a sponsored/affiliate/referral link. Thank you for supporting this site!