Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hapimomi app ~ REVIEW


Hi Gang,
I wanted to introduce you to this great app that I was privileged enough to get a chance to review!
 Its called Hapimomi. The app is FREE!!  Just as its name says it will make you a Hapimomi!!
 It is so easy to use that the kids can add their own activities and appointments! 

First a little about Hapimomi~
Hapimomi was founded in 2012 by two parents Danny and Claudia living in Silicon Valley. Every parent knows just how crazy running a family can be with your own work schedules, kids' school, after school activities, tutoring, hobbies, vacations and so much more! A lightbulb went off for us, that being able to share with each other anytime, and on the go, is the key. We were frustrated by the lack of private sharing and planning apps for our family. The generic social sites are too public and do not help us coordinate with each other privately throughout a busy day. We wished there was an all-in-one app to also help us coordinate groceries, errands and had a fun calendar to plan events for our family. Additionally we needed a family phone book that we shared at all times. We definitely did not want six separate apps that require another six logins, with constant updates etc. So armed with many years of Fortune 500 marketing, finance and technology experience, we launched Hapimomi to help families stay connected and organized, privately!
Hapimomi has every thing you need right at your fingertips!
The dial shown above is easy to touch and go to the right area of Hapimomi! 
There are 6 main sections of the app!


Easily share personal messages with your family privately.

To Do List

No more writing on pieces of paper everywhere! Share important family tasks with each other instantly.


A safe place to keep your family’s important moments.


Share a single family phone book everyone can access, anytime.


Keep organized. Plan together. Share events with your family easily.
I like this area most because you can assign every member of the family a different color!! It would look like this when you have every one's activities on the calendar.
I have 8 people living in my house so this will really help keep up with every ones schedules!

Shopping List

Instantly share your shopping lists with each other, and track who bought what and when.
There are many stores listed from Target, petco, Sam's and others. If you don't use that store its easy to delete the store from the list. Just tap it and click the X:) You can even break the list down by category! food, Auto, cleaning, clothing etc.

I have been playing around with the app for more than an hour and I don't know what I 
did before I had this app! It is great! 
Everything I need is right there!
If i remember something I can just type it in and i wont forget!

For more info about the Hapimomi app~

Download the app today and start sharing and planning with your family today!!

disclosure~ this is a sponsored post on behalf of Hapimomi. I downloaded and LOVE the APP! 

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