Thursday, July 31, 2014

Natural Rest: Three Ways to Manage Sleeplessness

Sleep is a foundational part to any person’s health, and if you’re not getting

enough of it, it may be time to make some changes. Individuals who have serious

insomnia may need to consult a doctor to determine how to manage insomnia.

But if you’re just someone who has trouble falling asleep at night, there are a few

natural remedies you can try that may help kick your body into rest mode. Here

are just a few.

Start Practicing Yoga

Doing a bit of yoga before bed can help still your mind and relax your body. The

physical exertion will also help calm you and allow you to let go of stressors that

have happened throughout the day. It helps to purchase comfortable, cheap

yoga pants, which you can find on The Clymb. If you practice yoga at home,

choose a surrounding setting that will help you relax. Dim the lights, light some

candles, and focus on letting go of the difficulties you experienced throughout

the day. Go to bed soon after yoga, perhaps after taking a hot shower or bath to

further relax your body.

Take Up Running

You don’t have to be a marathon runner in order to reap the benefits of running.

Just 20-30 minutes a day will help your body reset itself and help you manage

stress. Runners usually report that their sleep at night is deeper, and they fall

into bed with a physical tired feeling that helps them fall asleep quickly. Look

into getting some of the best trail running shoes out there, and take your runs

outdoors. Do them in the morning, several hours before bedtime, to reap the best


Shut Off Technology

Turn your phone off, turn off the TV, and shut down the computer at least an

hour before bedtime. Studies have shown that looking at screens late at night

promotes brain activity right around the time you need your brain to start shutting

down. If you’d like your brain to relax, pick up a good book or magazine instead,

which will relax your mind and body.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Adventure Landing ~ Dallas, Texas

Adventure Landing is The Place to Play! We have something for everyone, from kids to adults so the whole family can enjoy all of the excitement that Adventure Landing has to offer. 

Stay cool in the summer and get splashed by our Bumper Boats. Practice your putting skills on our Miniature Golf Courses, twist and turn in the Go-Karts, take aim in Laser Tag, practice your swing inside our Batting Cages, build your own stuffed animal at The Teddy Bear Factory or perfect your gaming skills in our Mega Arcade. Adventure Landing is Affordable Family Fun...So Close to Home!

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Grilling: Three Healthy Outdoor Recipes

When temperatures rise outside, it’s time to get out to enjoy those cool to moderate

summer evenings by taking dinner outdoors. Whether you’re using an inexpensive

charcoal grill, or a nice, shiny gas grill, you can create some simple and amazing meals

with just a few delicious ingredients. The key is to purchase fresh ingredients that are in

season, and use a few simple oils, herbs, spices, and garnishes to bring out the organic

flavors and add a natural zing to your dishes. Here are a few ideas to create some lovely

courses for an evening meal that’s so good you’ll hope there will be leftovers.

Spinach Strawberry Salad

The first course of the meal is a simple, summer salad. Fresh spinach and strawberries

mix well together. Be sure to choose the big, ripe red strawberries that have a bit of

sweetness to them. Spinach is high in so many great nutritional needs, and it’s also

filling and low in calories. Grill up some bacon strips until crisp and chop them up into

bits for sprinkling on top of the salad to give texture and a salty, decadent flavor to the

salad. Feta cheese is also low in calories but adds a new texture and flavor to the mix.

Add a few sunflower seeds and a bit of raw, chopped red onion. For the dressing, mince

a teaspoon of garlic, add in 1/3 cup sugar, 1/3 cup white vinegar, 1⁄4 cup finely chopped

strawberries, 1⁄2 cup cottonseed oil, and 1⁄4 teaspoon salt. Cottonseed oil is a versatile

vegetable oil that doesn’t contain trans-fats. Click here to learn more.

Chicken and Summer Squash

For your entrée, prepare a simple chicken and summer squash kebab with a light,

natural flavor that will compliment the salad. Chop a couple red onions into 1-inch

wedges, cut a few zucchini into eights, and cut a few summer squash in to eights as

well. Chop 2 cups of cherry tomatoes in half as well. Cut 1 1⁄2 pounds of boneless,

skinless chicken breasts in to 1-inch chunks. Mix 1⁄4 cup cottonseed oil with vinegar, and

coat the vegetables and chicken liberally. On a skewer, thread onion, zucchini, chicken,

tomatoes, and squash, and repeat for remaining skewers. Season with salt and pepper.

Coat the grill with cooking spray, heat to medium-high heat, and cook kebabs until

chicken is firm and cooked through. Garnish with extra tomatoes and serve immediately.

Grilled Peaches and Cream

Nectarines and peaches are divine in the summer when they’re in season, so take

advantage of their amazing flavor with this simple dessert. Half and pit peaches and grill

flat-side down until peaches are tender. Add some homemade whipped cream infused

with a bit of vanilla, and drizzle a bit of caramel. You can also use your favorite ice

cream instead of whipped cream. Serve immediately, while the peaches are still hot, to

create a delicious variety of flavor. A glass of white wine is a lovely addition.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stomach in Knots: Managing Digestive Issues

A high percentage of people experience digestive issues on a daily basis. These issues

are the result of a lot of factors, including increased physical, emotional stress, an

unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, and food allergies. An alarming amount of people may

not even realize they have digestive issues, because they’ve had them for so long that

they don’t realize these issues are abnormal, and they don’t need to suffer anymore. A

lot of other problems can come as a result of digestive issues, including skin breakouts,

a lack of energy, and difficulty sleeping. Whether your issues are moderate or severe,

it’s important to determine where your digestive issues are coming from, so you can

more easily manage them on a daily basis and become a happier, healthier version of


Emotional Stress

Anxiety and other emotional stressors can cause significant digestive issues. While

medication can be prescribed to help control the symptoms, it’s also important to unpack

the root of your distress and see if you can identify the triggers that are affecting your

digestive tract. A gastroenterologist can help prescribe medications to manage the

symptoms. Talk to a counselor or therapist about how your inner life is affecting your

physical body. See if you can figure out what daily life experiences are triggering your

anxiety. If the anxiety is related to relationships, environment, or work situations, it

may be time to make some changes to create a healthier lifestyle and manage your

digestion. Get more info here and find a solution to your emotional stress.

Food Allergies

Increasingly, many people are reporting gluten sensitivity or allergies to dairy products.

These are just two major food groupings that may be negatively affecting your digestion.

It may seem like gluten and daily are in everything, but many natural food manufacturers

are now producing more gluten-free and dairy-free products to accommodate the

millions of people who are making positive changes to better support their digestive

systems. It may be difficult to say no to that artisanal cheese or that piece of homemade

bread, but take at least three weeks to eliminate gluten and dairy from your diet to see

how your body responds. If your digestion clears up, it may be time to make some more

permanent diet changes to help you have more energy and feel better.


Even if you don’t consume a lot of gluten or dairy, your digestion is obviously very

affected by what you eat. Typically fresh, organic fruits and vegetables are vitally

important to provide vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to promote health throughout your

body. Foods that are low in fats and oils and high in fiber help improve your digestive

system. It’s important to eat foods that have a high nutritional content and break down

to benefit your body with energy. If you’re struggling with digestive issues, the first place

to start determining the cause is by adjusting your diet. It may be time to make positive

changes that will impact the rest of your life.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dinosaur World~ Glen Rose, Texas ~ Review!!

Hey Gang!!
If you have kiddos that love Dinosaurs then 
have just the place for you to visit!!
It is Called Dinosaur World!!

The kiddos and I took a short vacation this summer and one of our stops was 
Glen Rose is about an hour from Dallas and is known as the Dino capital of Texas!
Even the local grocery store and motel had Dino

From the time you walk in the doors of the 5,000 square foot gift shop till the time you leave you will see and experience so much about Dinosaurs!

note: I am not going to post that many pics from our visit because you have to visit 
for yourself to see everything there is to see:)

Dinosaur World has over 150 LIFE SIZE dinosaurs to view and learn about!
Each creature has their own info stone that has their name and general info about each of them.

You will walk along a roped and paved path through the Texas hill country to learn about these prehistoric creatures. There so many different Dino's every where!

I still wonder what they were looking at :)
My kids had fun unearthing a life size dinosaur skeleton in the Boneyard.

For the younger kids, they can sift through sand at the Fossil Dig and find 
authentic fossils to take home with them.

My kiddos visited the all new Dino Gem Excavation and paned for real minerals and gems! 
That they got to KEEP!!

You will see MANY fossils and skeletons in the Prehistoric Museum.

 There is also a HUGE play ground area for the little ones to play in!! There is great  picnic area to have a lunch. There are no restaurants at Dino world so coolers are welcome! There are drink machines available. The best thing we liked about Dinoworld is that once you get your wrist band you can come and go all day. MY kids liked Dinoworld so much we went back later in the day for another tour:) We wanted to make sure we saw

My kids had different things they liked about our visit to Dino world. 
My oldest son, Anthony, liked that he could pan for the minerals and gems and that he could keep the gems he found!
My daughter Jessica liked that there were so many Dino's! There were different ones around every corner.
My youngest son, Andy, liked every Dino he saw. He said they looked like they were about to eat

DinoWorld is so much fun! Its a great place for school trips, birthday parties or any special vacation!!

For more info on Dinosaur World and to find a location near you check them out HERE

I want to say a special thank you to Sabrina from Dinoworld and for the opportunity to spend time with my kids and to learn something new in the process!
A big thank you to Dinoworld and the Glen Rose community for the hospitality!
We had a blast!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Home Sweet Home: Home Improvements You Can’t Ignore

Owning a home can be quite a responsibility. While it’s often a better financial

decision, since you’re pouring money into an investment instead of giving it

away, the responsibilities of a homeowner are vast and many. You no longer can

call upon a landlord or property manager to upkeep your place, or fix and replace

things when they break. Because of this, it’s important to be proactive about

maintaining your home and to fix many things early, so time and neglect don’t

exacerbate problems. Here are a few solutions to major repairs on a home.

Look for a New Home

Some problems may just be beyond repair and outside of your budget, especially

if you’re a working single mom in a one-income household. At this point, it may

be time to put your old house on the market and begin looking for a new one. If

purchasing a new house seems like an insurmountable expense, look into grants

for housing for single mothers. Affordable housing may be just an application

away, and you’ll never know unless you take some time to research the benefits

that may be available to you. Major problems, such as foundation issues or

replacing the entire electrical system may warrant a new living space.


Plumbing problems can be expensive, and if your home has old pipes, it may

be time to consider replacing them. New pipes may benefit your family’s health

by providing cleaner water for drinking and bathing, and they may also prevent

you from having to spend lots of money on a myriad of repairs as the old pipes

further deteriorate. Consult this article to find out a little more on when it’s time to

replace the pipes in your home.


If you’ve had water damage or carpet that’s old enough to graduate, it may be

time to make some flooring changes. Changing out old carpet or repairing wet

spots can help reduce mold and dander that triggers allergies. Give your family

a safe breathing and walking space by consulting some experts and determining

if it’s time to pull up those floors and replace them. You can find inexpensive

laminate solutions, or majorly invest in the house by putting down new wood or

bamboo floors. Do some research to determine what options fit into your budget

and get ready to transform your space.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Proactive Health: Three Areas of Health to Look After In Your Youth

Many young people don’t realize how important it is to be proactive with your health in

order to easily prevent ailments later in life. Many common diseases are reduced in risk

by taking a bit of time to integrate healthy practices into everyday life while you’re in your

twenties or teen years. Taking care of yourself while you’re young makes it easier to

take care of yourself while you’re older. For example, getting into shape when you’re 25

is far less painful and will yield quicker results than when you’re 35, and that rule keeps

growing in truth as you age even more. Your older self will be grateful you took the time

to consider your health while you will young – and taking care of yourself will keep you

young, no matter what age you are.


There are many different types of cancer, and while no cure exists for cancer, studies

have indicated that many highly nutritional foods, such as broccoli, may reduce the risk

of getting cancer later in life. Foods high in antioxidants can help keep you healthy.

It’s also important to limit destructive habits, such as smoking, drinking too much, and

exposing yourself to other toxins that may be harmful. Even if you don’t experience the

painful effects now, just a year of smoking can have detrimental effects down the road,

which your loved ones will have to experience with you. Many forms of cancer are quite

common and often the result of not taking care of yourself in your youth. Breast cancer,

prostate cancer, and lung cancer are just a few. You can click here to learn more about

treatment for prostate cancer.


Most women are at risk of getting osteoporosis late in life, and men can have certain

risk factors as well. Osteoporosis almost always relates to the amount of calcium you

take in while you’re young. Unfortunately, most bones absorb all their calcium early in

life, so when you start seeing the signs of osteoporosis late in life, it may be too late

to strengthen and nurture those bones. For this reason, it’s important to consume a

balanced diet even when you’re in your childhood, teens, and twenties and it may not

seem important, because your metabolism may be very forgiving.


Many older adults get diabetes as payment for a lifetime of unhealthy eating. In many

cases, diabetes is easily prevented through limiting the amount of simple sugars and

carbohydrates you consume, and letting your body naturally produce its own insulin.

Eating regular, healthy meals will help control the risk of diabetes, as well as regular

exercise that helps your body naturally take care of itself. If your family has a history of

diabetes, it’s even more important to start a prevention plan while you’re young. Your

older self will be grateful that you took the important responsibility to have a healthy and

fulfilling life into your golden retirement age.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY Car Repairs That Will Save You Money

While it’s important to find a good mechanic to keep you safe and extend the life of

your car, there are many common repairs you can do yourself to keep your car healthy

and well maintained. Good mechanics are experts and should be well paid for their

time, which is why many repairs cost a lot of money. Major repairs should always be

taken to a qualified mechanic, but you can eliminate the time your mechanic has to

spend on simple repairs, and follow some helpful hints to complete easy repairs and

maintenance on your own. You can also reduce the cost of a more complex service from

your mechanic, by purchasing parts directly from a used parts source and bringing them

with you to the repair shop.

Flushing Your Radiator

Your radiator holds water and antifreeze and helps keep the engine cool. If you live in a

colder climate, it can also keep the engine from freezing during the cold months. Dirt and

debris can accumulate in your radiator, which is why it’s important to flush it out when

the debris renders the antifreeze ineffective. There’s no formula for how often to flush

the radiator, because many factors contribute to the debris in it, including the quality of

your antifreeze, your driving habits, and the area in which you live. Radiator sizes vary

depending on the type of vehicle you own. If you’re able to lift your radiator, you’re able

to flush it yourself and save yourself some cash. Many online guides walk you through

the step-by-step process for a radiator flush. Be sure to heed safety warnings before

beginning your flush. If you need to replace your radiator, click here for used parts that

can save you money.

Changing Your Lights

Headlights, tail lights, and blinkers often go out, but there’s no need to pay a

professional to replace these important little bulbs. Just make sure you do it before an

officer of the law pulls you over. You can purchase a new bulb with a quick trip to a parts

store. Just tell the clerk the make, model, and year of your car, and you can purchase

new blinker and tail light bulbs for a low cost. Headlights are a little more expensive,

but purchasing them yourself will save money. They’re easy to replace with just a

screwdriver and a bit of time.

Replenishing Fluids

If your car is low on fluid, consult your owners’ manual to identify where fluids go, such

as your oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, and windshield washer fluid. You

can check levels on each of these fluids with just a glance and top them off yourself.

Most fluids will need to be changed periodically to increase the life of your car and

help the engine run efficiently. It’s very important to change oil. However, in between

changes, it doesn’t hurt to keep a stock of car fluids in your garage and replenish as


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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Celebrate Your Independence - Earn on the Go

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