Saturday, September 17, 2011

~Mompact: Review and Giveaway of TwoothTimer~

I am part of a great moms group called Question moms. This week is a awesome week because Question Moms has teamed with MomPact for a huge blog hop. This blog hop includes more than 120 blogs with over 150 giveaways during this week. The bloggers such as I had the opportunity to review and giveaway a product made by moms for other moms!
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Hi there!  You have arrived at stop #43
I received this wonderful product to review as part of the BloHop~its called a Twoothtimer!
Experts recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes. A recent study found young adults spent less than 35 seconds brushing their teeth.
New research is that finding heart disease and strokes, as well as diabetes and respiratory disease, may be linked to gum disease. Consider your mouth as a doorway to your body. Plaque is a colorless film of bacteria that sticks to teeth and if not properly removed, can lead to gum disease. The bacteria associated with gum disease can enter your bloodstream and travel throughout your body. Good oral hygiene is the best prevention.
Healthy habits begin early and our award-winning, mom-invented products are designed to help children achieve good dental health and have fun doing it! Recommended by dentists and dental hygienists for a lifetime of healthy smiles!
I am very impressed with the twoothTimer! Its such a great idea and and easy way to brush for 2 minutes. I luv that it is shaped like a tooth! My kids have been using it every day since it arrived! I must say that their teeth are cleaner and there has been no fighting about how long they have to brush their teeth. They use to run in the bathroom and brush maybe a minute or less. Now I know they are brushing for the 2 full minutes cuz i can hear the bell ring!
This is a wonderful product. I like that it was invented by a mom!

Easy to use! Simply turn the top to the ‘2’ and begin brushing. Stop brushing when the bell rings after two minutes. No batteries needed. Helps reduce dental bills by improving dental hygiene.

To order your own TwoothTimer click here and it will take you to the website! The TwoothTimer retails for $10.99

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Unknown said...

Love it Dn. My kids sooooo need this. 5 seconds is just not long enough to brush one's teeth.