Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Make the most of Outdoor Living

If you’ve got a large family or like to entertain, creating a useable outdoor living area can make you really appreciate those warm summer days. A well-created outdoor living area can also help to bring families together, encouraging children to play outdoors, whilst parents can be involved from the comfort of their new space. If you’re renovating or building a new home, consider the needs of your growing family when developing a plan for your outdoor living area. This newly created space should be somewhere that your family can relax and enjoy a day together, so follow this simple guide for creating your families new favourite living area.

Creating a Useable Space

Outdoor areas can often seem as though they were designed to look at, rather than to be used. Creating a useable space for your family will ensure that the area is frequently used, so that your hard work and efforts haven’t been wasted. An undercover area as well as an open backyard is the perfect combination for both entertaining and family life. Consider the placement of your outdoor area when building or renovating. If you entertain regularly, large bi-fold doors can help to open up the space, ensuring that the cook in the kitchen isn’t left out of the celebrations. If you’re choosing to build, talk to your builder about home and land packages that offer inclusions to enhance your outdoor living space. Aluminium bi-fold doors create a sleek finish, whilst timber framing is often the choice for creating a more welcoming feel. Whatever your final decision, be sure that your outdoor living area is both stylish and useable, as there’s no point in having a beautiful new area that can’t be enjoyed.

Consider Children & Pets

If you have children and pets, you should always consider whether or not your new area will be suitable for them too. For instance, if you have an elevated deck or balcony you must ensure that safety regulations are met and that you aren’t creating a dangerous environment for your children or pets. The different surfaces of your outdoor living area will also determine whether or not your kids and pets will enjoy this environment. Choosing to have a grassed area, in comparison to a rough pebble surface, will be more comfortable and inviting for both children and pets. If your children like to make mess, as most kids do, opt for a tiled undercover area, rather than timber hardwood panels. Tiled flooring is easy to clean and provides a durable surface – perfect for a family with playful children and pets. Creating a shaded play area for children is also a smart idea, as they won’t be restricted by the time of day for when they can play outside. Designing a useable outdoor living area can add a whole new dynamic to your home, creating the perfect area for families, entertaining and everyday living. This is a sponsored post.

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