Sunday, March 25, 2012

Are your children SAFE at school??

I know my children are NOT!!
The school let My daughter leave with 
a MAN that was not her Father 
no questions asked!!

This is not the first time my daughters safety has come into question at this school. The day before I had spoke to the principle about an ONGOING bully issue that my daughter was having. I had to call the super of the school on wed afternoon because i did not get the answers from the principle that I wanted as a worried parent of a child who had already been beat at school!!. 

We come to Thurs.(3/21)

The principle drug my daughter out of her 7th period class (just 1 more class left of the day) to tell her that she is a problem, disruption, liar, brat etc..... My daughter who is 16, quickly got up and walked away from the principle while he was still talking to her ..(that was wrong of her and we are dealing with this issue) BUT he suspended her from school for walking away~ .. The principle called ME and told ME to go pick up my daughter,NOW... I was having some major health issues (which the school and principle KNEW about, I had told them the day before that i had just been released from the hospital and was in frail health) so I could not go pick her up at that very moment. 
Seeing that I was unable to pick up my daughter, my brother who is visiting from out of town said he would go get her. I let him go expecting a call from the school because he has never been up to her school. To my surprise they come home together!!
The school let a STRANGER (to them) walk in and leave with my daughter no questions asked!!
My brothers home address is 400+ miles away from her school and he had not seen my daughter, other than in pictures for OVER 10 years! So he is NOT on her pick up list!
No one from the school questioned who she left with. They didn't ask his for his name, ID or anything!! 
It bothered me so much over the weekend that he was able to leave with my child no questions asked so I called the school this morning(3/25) and asked "Do YOU know who you let my daughter leave with on thurs" The front office sec told me "her father picked her up". when I responded with NO it was not her father and if you would have asked for HIS ID you would have known that, she quickly transferred me to the principle Mr Albus who told me
"I don't KNOW and don't care WHO your daughter left the school with!!  
This is JUST not right!!

What if my brother had not been here that day??
Would they have let her leave with JUST anyone??
I was so sick and weak that i passed out and was rushed back to the hospital and readmitted on thurs(3/21)!!~
What really gets me about all this is~ the school KNOWS I am her ONLY Parent, (ALL THE SCHOOLS MY CHILDREN ATTEND KNOW THIS) why did they allow her to leave with a MALE no questions asked and then assume it was HER FATHER??

Who is protecting our children from freaks taking them from school if not the school officials??
These are teenagers and teenagers DON'T ALWAYS make the best choices!!

Please share this with your friends and family!!
If this school takes this point of view with MY DAUGHTER are your kids safe??
It should not matter if  they think she is a "BRAT"~ The school officials should know who they are sending our children home with when its NOT the childs parent!!
The School is Wichita Falls High School, located in Wichita Falls, Texas...
The "house principle" is Mr. Doug Albus.
a little back ground ~~. My daughter had NEVER been suspended from school until Feb 2013. She was suspended in Feb for "fighting". (the school has a NO touching other students policy,  EVEN if they hit/touch you first)..My daughter now has a criminal record because of the fight in FEB....anyway,....This is THE SAME GIRL that i went to talk to the principle about on wed. SHE had hit my daughter before and was threatening bodily harm to my daughter AGAIN and in front of  witnesses!!  .. I was afraid for my daughters safety!! 

What would you do if this was YOUR child??

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velvet53 said...

I would be super upset over this also. I am noticing more people starting to home school due to all that is taking place in the schools. It is a shame that things are happening as they are.