Sunday, April 28, 2013

Purex Insiders Now Accepting Applications!

Hi Purex Insiders!
I wanted to formally announce that wIth the launch of the new site, we are finally accepting new applications to join the program!
Please feel free to spread the word to those who you think would be a good fit for the program. We find that bloggers who enjoy writing about the following subjects are usually a good fit for the program:
  • Product reviews
  • Savings and giveaways
  • Family lIfestyle
  • DIY and crafts
  • Other family-friendly content

The Purex Insiders Are Expanding!
I love getting feedback from current Insiders about ways to improve the program. Implementing changes can take time, but I am listening to your suggestions!
In response to the numerous emails I have received about providing a wider variety of products and allowing bloggers in different areas of the world to join the program, I am extremely excited to announce that the Purex Insiders are growing into the following areas and I would appreciate your help trying to get the word out....

More Types of Products and Promotions
Although I know that everyone enjoys receiving products from brands like Purex, Dial, Soft Scrub and more, we will soon be able to test out new products and receive exclusive promotions from a wider variety of brands. Stay tuned for more info and sign ups coming soon!

Hispanic Bloggers!
Do you know any one who blogs in spanish or english and has a primarily hispanic readership? If so, please let them know that the Purex Insiders is going to being featuring household products that many hispanic populations will be familiar with, and we are looking for bloggers who would like to test out and review them with their readers!
If you know anyone who may be a good fit for the program, please feel free to let them know they can learn more about the program and apply HERE:

Canadian Bloggers!
We will be expanding the program from the US into Canada! This means that finally, bloggers who live in Canada can join the Purex Insiders and receive the latest products to test out and try.
If you know any bloggers who live in Canada, please feel free to let them know they can apply to join the Canadian version of the program HERE:
The Canadian Purex Insiders will be very similar to the US version, but features a slightly different name: The Henkel Insiders.  The Henkel Insiders bloggers will receive the same household brands that the Purex Insiders have come to enjoy.
ITS FREE TO JOIN SIGN UP HERE to join Purex insiders!

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