Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Mad Hatter Blend

The Mad Hatter Blend
Guest post by Ruth A.
It's easy to overlook the vast, somewhat underground Internet marketplace of "legal highs," or mood altering products that are still within the bounds of legality in all 50 states. It's reasonable to assume that these products are ineffective or fraudulent, that the vendors are disreputable and shady, and that the only solution is to operate within the black market if you're looking for party favors or herbal relaxants. That's certainly the assumption I held for quite some time. Meanwhile, though, the market flourished under my nose and heaps of happy customers shifted their business away from the black market entirely. So how is this possible?
These businesses specialize in creating products that deliver the most results while staying within the bounds of legality, and there is more wiggle room there than one would imagine. There are many substances that have yet to be scheduled our outlawed that can produce results one would expect from their more notorious cousins. The smart businesses know how to capitalize on this and have been doing so for years.
One such business is Herbal City, LLC. One glance at their website reveals that their claim of having "the largest selection of mood-enhancing products known to man" may very well be true. Everything from herbal blends, potpourri, party pills and party powders can be found on their sprawling website. And speaking from experience, I can say that these are not placebos marketed as mood-enhancing products. When it comes to packing a punch with all legal substances, these guys have found the right formulas and know what they are doing.
I have tried many different products from their website and have been satisfied each time. My favorite at the moment is the herbal blend called Mad Hatter, which is a truly powerful blend to be reckoned with.

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