Friday, June 24, 2016

At Home "Back to Campus" collection #ATHOMESTORES

I love checking out new stores! 
I think I have found my new favorite store! 
Its called At Home!
At Home is a wonderful home decor store!  

New themes for back to school will be in stores on June 20th. This Back to Campus collection offers everything you may need from pillows to storage cabinets to decorate. 
They had wonderful examples set up in my local store. These examples showed how well everything in the collection goes together. This summer, At Home is making decorating your small space easier than ever, with the new Campus Collection. This collection includes six different trends to send your college student back in style.

At Home has something for everyone and everything from pots and pans to sheets!
There were many isles of paintings and wall decor!
Here are a few cute items I found in the Back to Campus area~
I found these really cute pillows 

 At Home offers terrific selections at great prices for anyone decorating on a budget, 
or with a specific design in mind you can make your dorm room or house a home. 
My first time in the store I was there more than 2 hours just looking around! 

I wondered thru every section of the store. 
I picked up a new cake pan, table cloth, trash can, 3 pillows, and a rug set for a bathroom. 

These are all great "Back to Campus" items!
For very reasonable prices!
All this for under $50!!

IF you have not been to At Home you are missing out! There is so much to see and touch;) I will be returning soon to pick up a new planter for my fern bush:) 

Do you have a child moving out or going back to Campus? The At Home site has a great move-in checklist: It has everything you could need when preparing to move:) 

 This is a sponsored post on behalf of a promotional program with At Home and MomSelect.

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