Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review ~Redbox now rents Video GAMES!!

Hi ya'll!
As a member of Smiley360 I get the chance to
review many great items!
This time around, I got the chance to review a Wii video game
 from Smiley360 called Go Vacation. As part of the mission I threw a small gaming get-together with a handful family and friends to explain/show to them how easy and fun it is to rent video games from Red box!
Renting more than 1.5 billion discs to date, Redbox is America's destination for movies and video games. With more than 28,000 locations nationwide, Redbox is the fun, fast, easy way to rent the latest new release movies on DVD or Blu-ray Disc® and the top new releases of family video games. Featuring up to 200 titles and 630 discs, Redbox is a fully automated video rental store contained in 12-square feet of retail space. With more than 68 percent of the U.S. population living within a five-minute drive of a Redbox kiosk, Redbox is where America rents movies and games.
Redbox is so fun, fast and easy to use. My family and friends had a great time enjoying the games we rented from RedBox.
I like that I can reserve the video game the kiddos really wanna try or movie that I wanna see on their website and then swing by the red box and pick it up when its convenient to me.
Each rental is $1 per day and rentals have to be
returned by 9PM to avoid another day charge.
Renting a movie or video game is as simple as
touching the kiosk screen, adding the item to your cart,
swiping your card, verifying your email address and
collecting your movie or game.
Returning them is even easier! Touch the "return" button on
 the touch screen of the kiosk and slipping your video
or movie in the return slot!
 Find a Redbox kiosk near you . When you find a kiosk near you, you can also see the available movie and video games at that kiosk before you even get there.
Redbox carries the most popular Wii, Xbox360
and PS3 games!

disclosure~ I received a Wii game to keep and 5 video game codes to be used at RedBox in exchange for my review of RedBox. No other compensation was given and reviews are my own.


Jax said...

I would have no idea what to rent, except it would have to be a Wii game.

SW said...

I'm not sure what I would rent but the kids would love picking something out.

embattledsparkle @

Katie and Sunnie said...

It would be a Wii rental since that is the only system I have, I.think the cars 2 game looks fun

Unknown said...

i would probally rent callof duty for eric...hubby needs a him the gaming system but he complains he has no games...he does

Kelly Bejelly said...

I'm not sure what I would rent as my husband would be the one to pick :P

p.s. just visiting from the Alexa Drop Hop

tammy said...

would love to be able to try new wii game such as Alvin and the chipmunks Chipwrecked before we buy.

tammy said...

would be great to try before buying...Alvin and the chipmunks chipwrecked.

tammy said...

woulkd love to try alvin and the chipmunks chippwrecked on wii

Janice said...

I'd pick Rayman Origins

Nancy said...

I'd rent The Help from Redbox!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Marsha Cooper said...

The kids would want to get Little Big Planet 2 if it was available.

Wendy Rozema said...

Mario Kart!

farmgirl said...

Not sure what I would would probably be a new movie that just came out:)

Heavenly Shadow said...

I would rent a movie or a video game.

Belinda said...

Just Dance!

Teresa Moore said...

I would like to get the Smurfs Dance Party. My daughter and I love the Smurfs.

Tiffany said...

Call of Duty MW3

Anonymous said...

I would like to get Just Dance 3.

sweetone62406 at hotmail dot com

steffie said...

skylanders! we saw it at best buy and my daughter thought it was awesome, so id love to rent it and play it too.

steffie said...

alredy a member of superpoints and swagbucks. you should consider a separate entry for those that already have those accts

Unknown said...

modern warfare 3

Kate said...

Skyrim if they have it