Sunday, December 04, 2011

earn some $$ online to help with Christmas gifts

Hi gang!
As most of you know i make a living online with the sites i do.
Earning money online is simple and easy!
I wanted to share a couple sites that i have been doing and making real money doing that would help you out with gifts for the holidays.

Superpoints~ so easy, free to sign up, click the super lucky wheel and watching videos~for more info and to sign up click here I have earned more than $625 already. I am at the point now I am earning at least $5 a day. There is no limit on how much you can earn/redeem for in a week.

Jingit~ So easy, free to sign up, you just watch videos for cash to sign up go here . I am earning $8 a week. The max you can earn a week is $10.

Instant cash sweepstakes~ payout is $2 via paypal! Free to sign up, very simple just answer survey questions~ you can sign up here . I am earning more than $15 a week
If you start doing these sites now, you will earn some to help with Christmas gifts!
If you have any questions about these sites please let me know and i will help you get started earning online!

If you are needing gifts for Christmas check out Listia~ Its like ebay but there is no $$ involved it is all done by points ~Its free to join and you get 500 points when you sign up to get started. get more info here~ I have won many items from game systems(PS2 and DSi) to makeup to toe socks and everything in between! I list coke caps and Amazon gift cards that I earn form the other sites I do online! you will become addicted once you get the hang of it. I have traded more than 1100 items to date.


Anne D. said...

Thanks for the tips!!How much money have you made (approximately) via these sites? (you don't have to answer...I'm just curious:) annejk112233(at)yahoo(dot)com

Trudy said...

Thanks for the info. I will have to check out some of these sites.