Thursday, November 29, 2012

No cash for Christmas~ No Problem join LISTIA!!

Hi ya'll!
Its that time of year where you feel like you are just throwing money in all directions! What happens if you dont have the money to get gifts for friends and family this Christmas??  
Dont feel bad if you have no funds cuz you cant get the gifts they want~ TRY LISTIA!!
Listia is an awesome site that is kinda like ebay At Listia there is NO MONEY!! Credits are used to bid on items you want!!

I have been a member of Listia for over 2 years! 
I have won MORE than 1500 items with NO money!!

Watch this video about how Listia works!

With credits earned from Listia , I have won ~game systems, clothes,  DVD's, magnets, shower curtian, towels, socks, well many, many items!

If you have not joined Listia yet, you can sign up

After you join Listia or if you are already a member, stop by my profile and "friend" me. Feel free to message me on Listia if you have any questions!

I started out by listing codes~ pogo, cola, pepsi, free music etc
then i earned more points and got better items.:) 
I once won a PS2 with remotes, games etc for 14,000 credits.(it is still working:)
 I have never had more than 22,000 credits at one time.

Also, look out for the free credits on listia for sharing. I saw one yesterday for sharing on FB for 150 credits!

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