Saturday, December 01, 2012

Get ready for Christmas with a Bible Plan from YouVersion:)

Do You Have Plans for Advent?

Yes, you do!

 Advent Bible Plans from YouVersion help you prepare your heart for Christmas

Advent is here!
 Every year, beginning four Sundays before Christmas, Christians all over the world prepare their hearts to celebrate the gift of Immanuel, “God with us.” YouVersion offers several Bible Plans to help you reflect on Jesus' birth

This year, we have more plans for you than ever before.
 Find the plan that’s just right for you—or try several!

Countdown to Christmas is an Advent calendar that teaches your whole family the significance of Christmas through fun activities.
 From Thriving Family. 29 days

Rediscovering the Christmas Season features reflection questions and action steps that help you focus on Christ every day between December 1 and Christmas. 
From 25 days

The Christmas Story starts with Old Testament prophecies about the coming Savior, then turns to the Gospel accounts of his glorious arrival. 
From YouVersion. 5 days

Joy to Your World explores the significance of the first Christmas and how it intersects with each of our lives today. 
From Carol McLeod. 25 days

She Reads Truth: Advent is a unique plan for women who are committed to daily reading and being changed by God’s Word this Christmas season.
From She Reads Truth. 28 days

Find even more Christmas and Advent plans on YouVersion!


Share the Love of Jesus this Season

The holidays offer us chance after chance to share our faith with friends, family, and others. And the Bible App makes it so easy! This season, look for those ideal opportunities where you can share your faith, simply by showing them your Bible App:
  • When someone receives a new mobile device as a gift
  • As you attend Christmas services
  • When you read the Christmas story with your family
Best of all, it's quick and easy to help others get their own Bible App—no matter what kind of mobile device they have. Tell them they can just go to or, even better, install it for them!

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