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CPR Certification Online - Your Guide to CPR Classes

Learn everything you need to know about Online CPR Certification. 

Your number one resource for CPR Certification information! It's an informational resource for people that want to learn more about the process of CPR certification and where to get certified.

There are many reasons why everyone should know CPR. It is a lifesaving procedure that can benefit both the person that knows it and the people around them. Everyone should take the time to learn CPR and become certified. One of the benefits of CPR certification is the legal dynamic that is created. A person that knows CPR but does not have CPR certification can be held liable for any injury that is incurred during the procedure, while a person with CPR certification has a smaller window for lawsuits.
Not only are there the legal ramifications of not being certified, there are also constant changes in the medical community. There are always new techniques discovered for different procedures and CPR certification will ensure that a person has all of the information that is needed to properly perform CPR and save a person’s life.

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Different Types of Certification
Whether it is online CPR certification or standard CPR certification, there are different types and levels of certification. These comprise the basics of CPR with other skills added to the set. They are as follows:
• Level A
This is the basic CPR course. It includes how to identify a person that is choking and how to do CPR on adults. This is a good start and a student can learn everything that is needed to know to save the life of an adult that is either choking or in need of CPR.
• Level A plus AED
This is the same as the first level of the course with the addition of the use of an AED, which stands for automated external defibrillator. The AED is the public equivalent of the equipment that most people have seen on TV and in the movies. It is a device that monitors a patient’s heart rhythms and looks for the signs of ventricle fibrillation.
To understand fibrillation, one must understand that a heart attack is generally not the complete cessation of the heart’s beating. It is an irregular heart rhythm that is a sign of a greater problem. Because of the irregular rhythm, the body can suffer from various other issues, such as a loss of blood flow to the brain.
An AED watches for this type of rhythm, and some models will automatically apply the proper electrical surge to modify that fibrillation and restore a normal heart rhythm. Some people will have several small heart attacks before they even realize that there is a serious problem.
• Level C
This is the same as Level A certification, but also includes everything a student needs to know to perform CPR on an infant or child. Online CPR certification, just like that of an in-person class will cover several specific issues that must be kept in mind when performing CPR on an infant. Online CPR classes can help a person that has received the other levels of CPR training add this certification to their preexisting level of training.
• Level C and AED
Just like with Level A, whether it is online CPR training or standard CPR certification, this combines the training and certification of Level C with training in the use of an AED. This will cover the possible use of an AED on a child or infant, although this is most likely a rare case scenario, it will be covered by both standard CPR certification and online CPR training.
Where to Find Training
A person that may not have the time or the ability to make it to a standard CPR training environment will have to consider using an online CPR class. There are many of these available and some have a cost, while others do not. Online CPR training can have all of the same benefits that CPR classes taken in other places will have, and will most likely have the same type of certification. It may take a few minutes to find the class that is right for you, but the benefits will be fantastic.
This is a skill set that can very possibly save a life in a future situation. There are thousands of people that need CPR every day and there is not always another person available to help. Being the only person available to provide lifesaving procedures is a good possibility. Not knowing what is necessary is simply not an option. This is one skill that everyone needs to know and the sooner the better.
Online CPR classes are available. This means there is no reason for anyone to ever not have CPR as a tool in case of an emergency. These classes teach the same skills and ensure that every participant has what it takes at the end of the class to save the life of another person.
What You Get
Online certification for CPR includes everything that the standard course will include. There are the classes themselves, some personalized instruction and at the end of the classes and testing, there will be a certification awarded. There is never a reason to not take part and never a reason to put this off until a future date. Participate now and learn the skills that can save the life of a total stranger or the life of someone that you love.
After taking an online CPR certification course and receiving your certification, one can always stop in at a local area classroom and check out your skills with the teachers there. They will always take a few minutes and talk with you and let you try out your skills on their test dummies. This is a great way to know that your online CPR classes were everything that you hoped for, and they will be.
The testing is the same testing that everyone else has gone through and the benefits are the same that in-person class trainees have received. Whether it is Level A training or the full Level C with AED training, not only will you know that you are ready at any time to save a life, but you will know that you can safely do what needs to be done without the fear of legal issues later on, because you are fully certified.
Just a few words of caution, CPR is a procedure that is intended to prolong the life of a person that has suffered from some type of condition that has caused either breathing or heart function to become impaired or irregular. This is intended to make sure that a person does not suffer brain damage or other issues while a qualified medical team, such as paramedics, is on the way.
No one should ever count on CPR to be the last procedure that is used. If a person has suffered a condition that has led to the use of CPR, 911 should have been also contacted and medical attention should be gotten right away. Never perform CPR and assume that the patient is now fine, no matter how well they feel afterward or how much they claim that there is no need to call 911. It is essential that a doctor find out what led to the condition in the first place or check out a patient that has choked or had water in their lungs. This is ABSOLUTELY vital and should never be skipped.

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