Thursday, December 06, 2012

Fun Ways to Gear up for Christmas

Part of getting in the Christmas mood is making plans and participating in
fun activities. But besides doing great activities, it is also fun decorating your
home with festive elements and having your kids participate by decorating the
Christmas tree. Of course there are other fun holiday traditions you might have,
like bringing out the holiday mugs and listening to all of your favorite holiday
tunes over and over again while spending time with loved ones near and far.
So pull out each breakfast bar stool in your kitchen and invite friends and family
members over – its time to enjoy the holidays in comfort and in style!

Renovate the Home – Maybe you’re not satisfied with some aspects of your home
and if this is the case that’s okay. Think of inexpensive ways you can add to your
home and make it come alive during the holidays. Try switching around furniture
and d├ęcor pieces – moving them and placing them in other rooms may do the
trick. It may be that you need a change of scenery and once rearranged your
interior decorations (even the kitchen and breakfast bar area) will look good as

Bake up a Storm – If you love to bake and your friends and family enjoy all of your
delicious holiday snacks, why not hang out in the kitchen, pull out a chair or two,
and make all of your favorite desserts? If you have too many leftover tasty treats
you can always bring some desserts to church, school, or to the office. Most
people will love helping you out with dessert that you don’t want left in the house
and it will give you an excuse to bake more.

Wrap Presents and Pull out the Holiday Movies – Nothing will put you in the festive
mood more than wrapping gifts and watching fun holiday films with the kids and
friends. Allow your kids to pick out their favorite films and teach them how to
wrap gifts. You’ll all have a great time and will definitely feel the holiday spirit.
However, don’t be too strict when your kids think they have the wrapping down
but it still needs some work. It’s having fun is what really matters!

Go Ice Skating – Whether you live in a cold or warm climate that offers ice skating
indoors or outdoors, ice skating in any state is a fun winter holiday activity the
entire family can enjoy. Bundle up the kids and take them ice skating – if it is set
in a shopping mall area it will be gorgeous gazing at all of the holiday shopping
lights. Plus it will give you all the opportunity to laugh at one another as you
either fall or gracefully make your way around the ice skating rink!

Sierra is a freelance writer who writes on her blog Ocean Dreams. She loves
celebrating the holidays and creating Christmas traditions!


Anonymous said...

Lol, I would LOVE to pull out the Holiday movies, but I misplaced them somewhere in a box during our last move. We're going to be ok though, since my new Hopper DVR is more than ready to record all the movies from Network TV. I work a lot of hours at DISH, so the DVR is very important, and with the Hopper's PrimeTime Anytime feature I can set it to automatically record all the primetime shows from all four major networks. Everyone knows the networks play all the holiday classics (Grinch, Frosty, ACS) throughout December, so I can rest easy knowing they will be there when I get home!

Dianna said...

It is so busy here -- movies, studies, Christmas, parties--I love it-- and most people I have run into have been in good spirits --that helps-- Christmas can be fun-- We do a lot of work at the Soup kitchen at our church to -- Wednesday Nights usually-- It makes you be a little more humble, and gracious for all that you have. thanks--Merry Christmas