Friday, December 07, 2012

Anthony attended his first NFL game!!

We all know that there are only a few things a young man wants and dreams for in his lifetime.
One of those, would be to  attend an NFL football game!
My oldest son, Anthony had his dream come true this past Sunday night when he was invited to travel to Arlington, Tx with his Big (Big Brothers and Big Sisters).  Anthony is far from a Cowboys fan, he was super excited to learn that the Cowboys would be playing the Eagles!!  .
 Anthony is a HUGE Eagles (dont ask me how, the boy was born and raised in Tx)

Anthony was so excited to be going to the game that he could not sleep for the nights leading up to the game...LOL

He is all thumbs up before the game started~
Cowboys stadium is HUGE!

WOW, check out that big screen

Anthony and his Big had an awesome time at the game. They enjoyed the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, excitement and food of a real NFL game!! He came home with a Dallas Cowboys car flag and a Cowboys cup and a lifetime of memories!

Anthony's recap of the game~ It was all good till the 4th
(thats when the cowboys starting winning)

Doesnt he look so happy at the outcome..LOL
I wanna give his "Big" a big thank you, for taking your time to mentor Anthony. I know that you have helped Anthony in many ways. He is more outgoing and talkative. We have also discovered that he is very competitive...LOL.  Anthony and his big were matched the 2nd half of his freshman year of high school.. They meet 2 to 4 times a month. They have done many things together, from doing homework, playing video games, chatting, watching movies, bowling or their favorite activity together is golf.(Anthony's big lets him drive the 

 The Big Brother Big Sister Program is a wonderful program.
For more info in getting involved as a mentor(big) or learn how you can enroll your child please check out BBBS

disclosure~pics were taken by Anthony's Big:) used with permission

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DontSayHurry said...

Awww, how sad. I've heard that is a great program. My sister was thinking about joining since she lives away from home and not near any family.