Monday, November 03, 2014

The Color Run #Happiest5k Wichita Falls, Texas 11-01-2014

If you know me at all then you know that I am NOT the fittest person out there!
I weight more than the average 40 year old.
When I was asked to be a COLOR RUN Ambassador for Wichita Falls I kinda thought it was funny at first. After I thought about it ~ I said what the heck "I can do it"..
I mean how hard can a 5k really be....??

I gathered my bud Lorena, my daughter, myself and our tutus and we decided to do it together!
Not only did we participate but 


 The Color Run was a blast! 
It is nicknamed the Happiest 5k on Earth because it is the only run of its kind. 
It is a non timed 5k. It is not about how fast you get done ~ its all about getting colored! 
Before the run even starts there is a Zumba party and warm up!
The starting line was also a big party with items being thrown into the crowd of 
Color Runners!
Jessica caught a Color Runner cap!
Look at all the folks behind us at the starting line...:)
You start the race all nice and clean in a pretty white t-shirt. 
As you run or walk in my case, you come along different color stations, at those stations 
they toss color all over you !
Dont they look so happy before the
After the countown the crowd takes off running!
I ran for as far as I could! 
About the time I was getting tired I saw the blue station ahead!!

They got me good!
The second color station was pink!

The 3rd color station was yellow!

Jessica was covered by the time she got to the Yellow station!
The Last Color station was purple!

Just look at us at the Finish line!

When you finish the run you are given a huge bag of color and you head back to the stage area for the After Party!. There are count downs every few minutes and you toss your bag of color. When there are 50 or more runners throwing their bag of color it looks AWESOME and you get covered!  

When Jessica and I got back home we had color everywhere!!

The Color Run was the most FUN I have had!

For more info on the Color Run  ~ 
Find a run in your local area and sign up at TCR Website

 Thanks bunches to The Color Run gang for giving me the chance to be a part of the Wichita Falls Ambassador crew and the chance to complete something I thought I would never do:) Disclosure~ For being an ambassador I got free registration for the Color Run.

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