Wednesday, March 09, 2011


How it works? has developed a unique business model designed to help readers discover new authors and books. Players simply have to match book covers, a minor variation of the card-matching memory game. Or they have to play fun word games (similar to the popular Hangman game.) Authors pay to have their book covers displayed in these games, and this works as a form of marketing for authors. So it`s a win-win for both - the authors, and the book lovers playing the game.

To win best selling books and other prizes you just need to follow a few simple steps:

1) Register
2) Play the games and earn points
3) Use these points to bid for best selling books and other prizes!

Earn bonus points by carrying out activities such as inviting friends, telling us what kind of books you like and more!

1. Would I get a book of my choice?
Browse around the prizes section. You're highly likely to see something that you like out of the at least 300 possible book prizes. You'll see a mix of best-sellers and books offered by participating authors. At this time, we do not have the facility for you to play for a book of your choice (but we're working on it.)

2. Why are you giving away free books?
Participating authors pay to have their books show up in the games that you play. This is a form of advertising for them. And our technology ensures that you will be exposed to only the books that you may like. So you won't land up seeing romance books if you are the kind of person who likes to read science fiction.

3. What happens to my information etc.?
Because now you have my mailing address as well. We won't spam you. We won't contact you without your permission. We collect your mailing address only when you win a prize. We share your contact and address details with third parties ONLY for the purpose of sending the prize book to you (and ONLY after receiving your explicit permission to do so.) The third parties here would include a retailer such as, or a participating author or publisher whose book you have played for and won as a prize.

4. It sounds weird that you're giving away something free like this.
We have a transparent, easy-to-understand business model. Authors and publishers pay to have their books featured in the games. It's a new form of book marketing. And we get the message across in a fun way to book lovers like you. It's win for the author who gets his book exposed to new readers. It's a win for readers like you since they get to win free books and discover new books."
Review~ I really like this site its easy to earn points! I like the hangman game! I have won many points and many books!
There are drawings for kindles, ipads and amazon gift cards often!
The best part is the site is FREE!

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