Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Grips Toddler Utensils

Have you ever noticed how difficult it can be for your toddler to maneuver their current eating utensil?
Are they able to get the food on the fork or spoon but then drop most of it before it reaches their mouth?
The current toddler utensils are not designed for the natural movement of your child’s hand or wrist.
That’s why we invented “Little Grips for Little Hands!” An eating utensil designed just for toddlers.

BPA Free for your child safety
An ambidextrous product – no right or wrong way to hold
Comfortable non–slip grip that fits easily and naturally in your toddler’s palm
No–choke safety design with rounded edges
Poke or scoop up food easily
Reduced clean up – more food in mouth than on floor, bib, high chair
Children eat independently creating confidence and self esteem
Made from durable, high quality plastic and stainless steel
Dishwasher safe
Only $10.95! plus shipping and handling
30 day 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back*

Little Grips toddler utensils make toddler feeding-time easy and enjoyable for you and your child. Feeding is made easy with a larger no–choke safety handle that fits easily in the palm of your child’s hands and allows them to use their arms and wrists for better control. Other utensils require finer finger controls that are still undeveloped, creating a frustrating experience for your child.

An ergonomic design that takes advantage of a toddler’s stronger grasping and overall hand–movement skills, while still allowing them to learn proper feeding motions. You will see your child’s confidence build and messiness diminish.

Order you a set or 2 of Little Grips Toddler Utensils Today!

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