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Review~ What are You Waiting for?

Overview - What Are You Waiting For?
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Pub. Date: January 2011
Publisher: The Doubleday Religious Publishing Group
Format: Paperback , 192pp
Sales Rank: 113,246
ISBN-13: 9781601423313
ISBN: 1601423314

If you need satisfying answers to your questions about sex, Dannah Gresh has one (surprising) word for you.

In What Are You Waiting For? Dannah follows the trail of one provocative, ancient word through the Bible to discover God’s deepest thoughts about sex. The mind-blowing truth she uncovers clearly points the way to a sexuality that’s satisfying and real and everything God designed it to be.

(Not one to shy away from edgy topics), Dannah candidly shares…

- straight talk about masturbation and pornography
- the ground-breaking science that explains the addictive power of romantic experiences
- honest answers about the lesbian question
- a clear plan for breaking free from sexual guilt
- the unexpected key to a lifetime of truly fulfilling intimacy

If you’re a young woman looking for honest answers about sex—and wondering why it’s such a big deal to God—you’ve come to the right place. In these pages you’ll discover a life-changing truth that no one ever talks about—a truth that will transform everything you think you know about sex, romance, and God.

So what are you waiting for? The answer is right inside.

Review~ I gave this book to my daughter cuz she has her first boyfriend and I want her to understand that just because a boy asks her to do something, this doesn't mean she has to. I want her to respect her body and save it till marriage. The author quotes Scripture every now and then and goes over hot-button topics that most people would blush at. I thought this would be a great book to open up a dialog with her and talk about any question she may have about sex and the consequences of having sex at a young age and before marriage. The book opened up hers eyes to sex and many other topics. I absolutely recommend it to young women who may have questions! Its a great book to undserstand why god wants you to save yourself for the right one!

disclosure: I received this book free for review from WaterBrook Multinoma Publishing Group in exchange for my review.

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