Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Alamo ~ San Antonio, Texas

Hi gang!
On our way to our #BeachHoliday in South Padre Island, TX we made a pit stop and visited The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas! The pictures below are taken by my children and I during our visit.

Andrew in front of the Alamo! 
Johnny, Andrew and Jessica 

While we were there they had the weapons and guns used during the war on display.(could not take pics) in the main Alamo building. The kids learned alot on our visit that they didn't learn in books. It was a great place to stop and learn about our history. The grounds are awesome and well kept. When you are in the area it is worth the stop! Its FREE to enter and tour!

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Anonymous said...

Seems like a great place just to stop & see all the things even without the history lesson thrown in. As kids my parents took us on vacations all around the country some fun things & some just to see things. Sometimes it was get out of the car & take pics because it was cool & other times it was a Presidents Library. I think today too many family just dont want to pile to the kids in the car & take a good old fashioned vacation to see the things of the country like Mt rushmore & yellowstone park. Am I right or what.

Stacy said...

Hi Karen! so true! We just dont do things together anymore! I was lucky to be able to take the kiddos:) We had a nice time and spent time together:) Cant pass that up cuz the kids are growing up so fast!

lil_lady_dz said...

Awesome sites, and great pictures. Would love to take my kids here to learn about some history. My sister lives in Texas so his might be a future outing for us next time we visit.

Montufar Remodeling and Roofing Corp. said...

I Love the Alamo!! I can't wait to go again!

Unknown said...

Your trip to The Alamo sounds absolutely fantastic! -- I have always wanted to visit there, and am putting it on my list of places to visit! -- Gettysburg was very similar in the sense that my visit there was amazing, and although I learned a lot in History class and in text books, I would have never leaned what I learned while actually visiting the site! Thanks for a great review! PS: My actual email address that I check is SuzySweeps at yahoo dot com.

Betsy Barnes said...

This looks like a fun place for families! My parents used to take us to many historic places when I was growing up, fun way to learn.